Apo 2.05 Beta2 - Transform Editor Window

  • silduna

    silduna - 2007-02-22

    I cannot see properly the "Transform Editor Window": Some of the buttons are on top of others and I cannot see or access the tabs (Transform, Triangle, etc) or the Transform little window. The scroll bar ends suddenly before the scroll up arrow. It looks as if the frame with the image is on top of the frame with the tabs.
    I downloaded the program from different mirrors and the problem persists.
    I would appreciate very much any advice or idea as how to fix this.

    • Piotr Borys

      Piotr Borys - 2007-02-26

      hmm.. and what screen resolution you have? I mean, is it 96dpi, 120, or what? Generally, it should be 96dpi.
      cheers, Peter.

    • silduna

      silduna - 2007-02-27

      Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! :))


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