2.05 wont Expire?

  • a3dlover

    a3dlover - 2007-04-30

    Apparently this version hasnt expired yet but the "extra software" warning doesnt appear
    Hopefully this is to be the case.
    Thanks like apop alot for what i use it for-space backgrounds in bryce.
    See examples here

    • Piotr Borys

      Piotr Borys - 2007-05-02

      Generally I don't know, what are you asking for ;)
      But 2.05b2 will expire on June 30.

      cheers, Peter.

    • grand_savant

      grand_savant - 2007-06-30

      Indeed it did expire on me today, June 30. Pity...

      • Piotr Borys

        Piotr Borys - 2007-06-30

        Pity? Tell me, why?

    • grand_savant

      grand_savant - 2007-06-30

      Because I cannot use it anymore, it refuses to start.

    • grand_savant

      grand_savant - 2007-06-30

      Oops! Sorry! I just noticed a version .06 or 6.

      Good work! Compliment to the programmer(s)

    • vaerli

      vaerli - 2007-07-15

      The problem is if you like the 20.5 beta 2 better... which I do.

      Now I have to mess around with my system clock if I want to get the older version to open... :/

      • Piotr Borys

        Piotr Borys - 2007-07-15

        I'd really like to hear, why 2.05b2 is better than 2.06c... Tell me about it.

    • vaerli

      vaerli - 2007-07-17

      really, it was only at the time, but I think you fixed it(I haven't checked yet. I haven't been messing around a lot lately)... the colors wouldn't change like in the 2.05beta 2, and the rendering time was much slower(instead of three seconds it was like 12 or something way higher.)

      I suppose the 2.05 beta 2 was good enough for me... because I don't use some of the features that others do... so it's just from my viewpoint...(although I do wanna mess around with those new variations you added)

      Oh, note I was talking about the 2.06 beta b at the time...

      I hope I don't sound mean about that, how I think your old version was better, but there were some things that I couldn't stand.. I guess I'm just not very happy with changes...

      I really appreciate you taking your time and working on it, and for everything.


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