Compile Apophysis for Linux?

  • dsavi

    dsavi - 2008-11-08

    I'd really like if the developers of Apophysis would provide official binaries for Linux in the form of debs or rpms, I tried compiling it myself but have no idea how to compile pascal on Linux, even though I found the correct compiler and the first libraries. (When I realized that I couldn't compile pascal, I didn't bother checking)

    • Scott Draves

      Scott Draves - 2008-11-08

      it's not practical to compile apophysis for linux.

      instead you should just try qosmic, which is native:

    • Visible Spirit

      Visible Spirit - 2009-09-06

      @ dsavi (or anyone else interested),

      Here's a fractal generating application that may interest you designed for use on a Linux box. It's called Gnofract 4D.

      Visible Spirit

  • Gary Whetstone

    Gary Whetstone - 2009-09-25

    I haven't tried compiling it, but it runs well on WINE. I've got ubuntu linux 9.04 on a netbook and been using apophysis on here all day, haven't seen a single problem.

  • Visible Spirit

    Visible Spirit - 2009-10-06

    Hi ben9,

    On 2009-09-25 00:49:52 EDT you said:

    > I haven't tried compiling it, but it
    > runs well on WINE. I've got ubuntu
    > linux 9.04 on a netbook and been using
    > apophysis on here all day, haven't
    > seen a single problem.

    I'm curious what version of Apophysis  your running under what version of Wine?

    Visible Spirit

  • Gary Whetstone

    Gary Whetstone - 2009-11-01

    Hi Visible Spirit, I've been using Wine 1.0.1 and Apophysis 2.02, and just today tried 2.09 and also found it to be working well on Wine. I don't have as much experience with this version as to be able to say that it's working flawlessly like it is with 2.02 though.

  • Visible Spirit

    Visible Spirit - 2009-11-01


    Thanks for the reply. I'm going to try Apophysis under wine soon. I played with it some time ago when I used to use Windows, but that's not the case anymore. And admittedly, …I miss Apophysis.

    If you haven't tried , I recommend giving it a try as well. A bit of a different layout compared to Apophysis and not as configurable. It's more guesswork via digital dials for the x-y planes and the like, vs Apophysis' detailed calculations sidebar), but *definitely* produces some nice fractals with a little effort. A nice app to play with all the same that *can* produce some outstanding Fractals with a little patience.

    BTW, if you haven't seen  relative to Apophysis v2.0.2 and Windows, it's worth a look. It's related to a installer file that may or may-not be a trojan called gert0.dll. The trojan has the same name as a legitimate Windows library file but doesn't seem to be very widely known. Could be a new threat to watch for if one uses Windows or passes Windows files around etc.. ???????????? All the same, an interesting thread/observation.

    **Visible Spirit**


  • Anonymous - 2010-03-09

    free pascal community
    Open source compiler for Pascal and Object Pascal

    Compile Apophysis for Linux
        Is it possible to compile Apophysis ( for Linux?
        The Program (written in Delphi) uses 4 external libraries:
        1) Scripter Studio ( for this Pascal Script for Delphi could be a replacement
        2) XML Parser ( there should be one for fpc
        3) Indy Internet Components ( (?)
        4) Portable Network Graphics Delphi ( (?)

        Depending on the code: how tied it is to windows? If there are a lot of calls to Windows API functions then the chances are low.
        And for the library dependencies:
        1) If you say Pascal Script can replace it, then no problem
        2) No need, fpc has one builtin
        3) There's a Lazarus package, just search the wiki
        4) No need, fpc has one builtin


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