#49 Listing of Bugs- lots of bugs!

Editor (12)

Some of this stuff is really annoying, and maybe not
all of it is a "bug" but I figured I'd say something

I have a windows XP system and am using v2.04.

1. Editor window triangle/mouse problem: When I click
on a triangle and drag it across the editor window
everything works like its supposed to until I release
my mouse button. The triangle still follows my mouse
for a couple seconds even though the mouse button isn't
clicked and then stays at the new location further away
from where I intended the triangle to be (This happens
all the time when I lean over to answer the phone or
take a sip of my soda- I release the mouse button but
the triangle is still moving!). The coordinates in the
program however are immediately switched back to the
way they were when I released my mouse button, but the
triangle graphically stays in the wrong spot in the
editor window. The next time I click the triangle to
move it anywhere (or click one of the move/rotate
buttons) the coordinates jump to the newer "wrong"
location, making tweaking very difficult.

2. I don't know what a "final transform" is. Even when
I don't have the enable final transform box clicked in
it still puts a final transform in when I use the
mutate feature. I mutate the flame from the mutate
window, and poof, a final transform shows up. This
happens even when I have the "same number of
transforms" box checked in the mutate window.

3. I don't know how the variables affect the flame
image, but most of the time when I try and change them
either nothing happens to the flame or they just
automatically reset themselves.

4. Which brings me to my next issue- I can't get the
help window to open. I click on help, and then click
"contents" on the dropdown list but nothing shows up.

5. The link that says "sourceforge.net" in the "About"
window takes me directly to apophysis.org, not sourceforge.

6. If I move my mouse over the gradient window with
"rotate" selected it rotates the gradient even though
my mouse button is not clicked. Very annoying.

There are more things that are driving me crazy but I
have to leave work to go home and don't have time to
type them all. I miss older, more stable versions of
apophysis- although I do understand you guys are
working really hard to make a quality product and most
of the new features are spectacular. I just wish I
knew how to use them better. I haven't been around on
the apophysis mailing list because its way too
cluttered and wading through all of it is too
time-consuming. If anyone would like to contact me
about these issues or anything else feel free to send
me an email - etomchek@gelmanco.com.

Thank you,
Elizabeth Tomchek


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I've run into the same issues with the mouse not releasing triangles, and also see this happen with the mutation window, even clicking onto the main interface window, the mutations just keep on rolling.

    I've yet to find a version of Apop, beta or otherwise, that runs on this new Acer laptop. It doesn't just crash, or blue screen, it just shuts the thing down completely. Happens at me doing different things, but it happens eventually no matter what.

  • Peter Sdobnov

    Peter Sdobnov - 2008-08-26
    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date

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