#23 Wrong gradients used when using a batch render script

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PNGs without a transparent background rendered with the
internal renderer 2.03a, despite using a brighter or a
darker gradient, and despite their different appearance
in the preview, looked exactly the same - color
differences between e.g.255 255 253 and 165 165 73 had
disappeared. All I did was change the brightness of
the gradient from the gradient window. I checked the
text of the flame and compared the different flames -
the only differences are in the colors of the gradient,
all other values are exactly the same.
The BMPs show the brightness differences.


  • helen triantafillou

    Files used - the BMPs and PNGs were converted to JPEGs with Irfanview.

  • helen triantafillou

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    Looking closer I find that the bug is due to the PNGs using
    a different gradient, since they were rendered by using the
    batch render script. The flames made by 2.03a save the name
    of the preset gradient shown at the bottom of the gradient
    window, even though a different gradient is used.
    Most scripts that batch render use this preset gradient and
    disregard the color information included in the flame.
    So, it is a different bug. Since it hasn't been mentioned
    here before, I will leave the report here, but will change
    the summary.

  • helen triantafillou

    • summary: PNGs and brightness --> Wrong gradients used when using a batch render script
  • Peter Sdobnov

    Peter Sdobnov - 2008-08-26
    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date

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