#22 Mutation Problem


wonder if anyone else has problems with the Mutation-
Window with Apo 2.03. With previous versions I could
click on a mutation and it would move to the center
square in the window and apear on the big main window.
Now if I click on a mutation it changes and something
totally different apears in the center window and on the
main window. The undo button doesn't give me back
what was there previously either.... Is it a bug or could
an unsuitable setting provoke this fault ? Regards,


  • helen triantafillou

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    The problem with mutations appears only with the variations:
    blob, fan2, pdj and rings2.
    If a flame contains a little (or a lot) of one or more of
    the above variations, when the user selects a mutation from
    the mutation window, a different mutation appears from the
    one chosen (a random one not visible in any of the images of
    the mutation window) and then, when he enters undo, the
    flame is different from the original one.
    Saving and comparing the 2 different flames, it seems that
    the only differences between them are in the variables
    blob_high, blob_low and blob_wave (the latter not always,
    since in its randomness it sometimes remains the same) for
    the transform that contains the blob variation, fan2_x and
    fan2_y for the transform that contains the fan2 variation,
    pdj_a, pdj_b, pdj_c and pdj_d for the transform that
    contains the pdj variation and rings2_val for the rings2 one.
    Looking at the variables window and comparing screenshots,
    it seems that all the variables change after undo, but they
    don't affect the flame for e.g. a linear variation and they
    are not written to disk.
    Also, with the above variations, when adjusting the camera
    (zoom etc.) the mutations in the mutation window change
    shape and they don't return to their original state after
    undo. This however doesn't affect the flame one is working
    on, since it reverts to its original position after undo
    without changing shape. This change of the shape of the
    mutations also appears when changing the gamma, the
    background color, changing the gradient or even rotating it.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I'm getting the same effect. Makes the mutation window
    rather useless.

  • Peter Sdobnov

    Peter Sdobnov - 2008-08-26
    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date

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