#20 2.03 quite incompatible with 2.02i and flam3

Renderer (19)

This has been mentioned on the apo mailing list but
should be mentioned here as well. There is a large
number of flames that people have created with
Apo-2.02(g,f,h,i or z) that show up more-or-less
different in Apo-2.03a.

The preview (or render-to-disk) looks quite different
from whatever flam3 generates.

The problem is most obvious for variations "fan" and
"rings" (NOT the new fan2 or rings2) but shows up in
many other and unexpected places as well.

A trivial demonstration involves creating any arbitrary
flame, then settting the variation "rings" in any one
(or multiple) transforms to some random number and
observing that this doesn't change the appeareance of
the preview window in Apo. "Render to disk" shows the
same as the preview, but "export flame" creates
something entirely different.

An example that was posted to the mailing list involves
this flame file:
which comes out in these two different ways:

Given that the previous 2.02-betas have expired, this
ought to deserve fairly high priority...


  • Piotr Borys

    Piotr Borys - 2005-10-30
    • status: open --> closed
  • Piotr Borys

    Piotr Borys - 2005-10-30

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    All the problems should be solved in 2.03b release.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    No, the problems were NOT solved with 2.03b.


    How should they, given that the developers are too stupid,
    too lazy or too dishonest to even acknowlege that there is a
    problem in the first place?

    This bug report included a pointer to a flame file. All that
    was needed was for ONE of the developers to actually render
    that flame file once. Just look at the preview in Apo and
    SEE. For yourself.

    See with your own eyes that Apophysis 2.03b does not produce
    the same output as flam3 or any of the 2.02 versions.

    But apparently development of Apophysis is now in the realm
    of faith-based operations -- as long as everybody just
    *pretends* hard enough that Apo-2.03 isn't broken, the
    problems will just magically disappear.

    I'm pretty disappointd in this showing. I had hoped at least
    ONE of you guys was a real developer. Who actually gave a
    flying fart about the quality of your work. Guess I was wrong.


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