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0.9.4 and a new installer released

see the changelog in the files-section

Posted by Martin Koebele 2004-05-15

new apollon-all-in-one-release

if you problems with a broken apollon-dist-qt31.tar-bz2 please download the new one. The file was on the mirrors broken and had a bug in the install.sh

Posted by Martin Koebele 2004-03-31

Homepage up-to-date

see our homepages which was improved and updated

Posted by Martin Koebele 2004-03-31

apollon 0.9.3-1 is released

contains mainly important bugfixes: i.e. the "download-finished-crash"-bug.
apollon-one-in-all is up to date, too.

Posted by Martin Koebele 2004-03-18

apollon in debian

good news for debian-users. Apollon is part of debian unstable now.

Posted by Martin Koebele 2004-03-05

new mailinglist for users

for regular questions and postings of the help-forum is this new mailinglist apollon-user. It will keep the devel-list cleaner.

Posted by Martin Koebele 2004-02-23

0.9.2 released!!

0.9.2 is released.
all-in-one-installer is up-to-date, too.

Posted by Martin Koebele 2004-01-26

"Alarm clock"-"Alarme de Tempo"-bug is fixed!!!

use the cvs-version if you suffered from the "alarm clock" -bug.

Posted by Martin Koebele 2003-12-10

0.9.1 and a *bundled* version released!!!!

For the first time, we can offer a tar-ball which contains all necessary plugins and the daemon and it comes with an install-script which takes care of everything.

Posted by Martin Koebele 2003-11-24

Apollon 0.9 is released!!!!

Main changes: polinsh and dutch translation and that nasty search-delay bug is finally fixed!

Posted by Martin Koebele 2003-09-26

Apollon 0.8.7 is released!!!

main bugfix is Gnutella. It works now ;)
See the Changelog for more informations.


Posted by Martin Koebele 2003-08-17

#apollon - irc-channel on freenode!


recently, we registered a channel on freenode:


Mostly, there should be somebody... ;)

Posted by Martin Koebele 2003-08-04

Apollon 0.8.3 is out

for the first time with a mdk 9.1-rpm.
runs only with giFT 0.11.2


Posted by Martin Koebele 2003-07-27

giFT-plugins download

Since this is nowhere described:

you need to download the plugins OpenFT and Gnutella seperately:

cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.gift.sf.net:/cvsroot/gift login
cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.gift.sf.net:/cvsroot/gift co OpenFT
cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.gift.sf.net:/cvsroot/gift co Gnutella

don't copy these directories under the giFT-directory! It won't work!!


Posted by Martin Koebele 2003-07-24

new giFT design; update!!

please update your giFT! The daemon is not anymore giFT, it is now giftd. And the config-file is not anymore gift.conf it is now giftd.conf.

Please update your giFT. In the very near future, apollon doesn't run with giFT anymore, only with giftd.


Posted by Martin Koebele 2003-07-23

PACKAGE undeclared - bug

update your cvs-apollon. I ask especially the Mandrake-user whether that bug with the undeclared PACKAGE is finally fixed or not.



Posted by Martin Koebele 2003-07-23

FastTrack-searching is fixed

we just fixed the FastTrack-searching-bug. It was with the new giFT and giFT-FastTrack not possible to search the FastTrack-network anymore.


Posted by Martin Koebele 2003-07-11

"alarm clock" or "Der Wecker klingelt"

If you experience error messages like "alarm clock" or "Der Wecker klingelt", please let us know!

Posted by Martin Koebele 2003-07-02

Apollon is here!!!

Just imported the sources to the cvs!

Posted by Martin Koebele 2003-07-02

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