Apodio 8 layout

  • Janis

    Janis - 2012-02-04

    Hello. I've installed Apodio 8 from LiveCD to hard drive. I did it for the purpose of better interaction, my DVD drive is pretty messed up and has some problems.

    Now I accidentaly changed the layout of the Applications Menu by clicking "Revert - restore the default menu layout" back to some standard Gnome layout.
    Is there a way to get back the Apodio layout back again? Without reinstalling the complete OS?

    It's hard getting to know all the media applications and thus experimenting with them, without it.
    I'm very happy about Apodio 8, but the thing about the menu really bugs me.

    Maybe someone knows which files have to be replaced on the hard drive, with the corresponding ones from the DVD?

    Cheers, J

  • Janis

    Janis - 2012-02-07

    Pretty sad no one could tell me in time. Thanks for giving me another wasted day of re-arranging the menu, which is absolutely un-usuable in its present form. And No, I don't want to fly around googling my heads off on how to do it via some superb Menu config files. Project has to be finished by the end of March so well, what's another day, really. Cheeri


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