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APOCALYX 0.8.6 for Code::Blocks IDE

Finally the sources of APOCALYX include a project file for the Code::Blocks IDE. Visit http://apocalyx.sf.net for more details!

Posted by Leonardo Boselli 2006-04-15

APOCALYX 0.8.2 Now Available!

The new version of APOCALYX is available for download. Several new features are available. Read the "changes" text in the downloaded package for more details.

Posted by Leonardo Boselli 2006-01-07

APOCALYX 0.8.0 finally available!

The new version of the engine is now available. Visit http://apocalyx.sf.net to read the new features, try the demos and read the tutorials.

Posted by Leonardo Boselli 2005-09-27

"APOCALYX News & Forums" are back!

From now on, the Forums of the APOCALYX 3D Engine at SourceForge are active again. Don't use any more the PHP-Nuke based at http://apocalyx.sourceforge.net/modules.php?name=Forums

Posted by Leonardo Boselli 2005-08-24

"APOCALYX News & Forums" moved!

From now on, the news at SourceForge (these ones) will not be updated regularly.
You can read the news about the APOCALYX Engine at the new php-nuke based site http://apocalyx.sourceforge.net
The same is true for the Forums. To keep in touch with the latest threads go to http://apocalyx.sourceforge.net/modules.php?name=Forums

Posted by Leonardo Boselli 2003-05-21

New (experimental) site for APOCALYX 3D

Now the site of APOCALYX 3D uses PHP-Nuke http://apocalyx.sourceforge.net . The new pages have still some problems, but I hope to fix the bugs soon. Send me any comment or suggestion at tetractys@users.sourceforge.net . THANK YOU!

Posted by Leonardo Boselli 2003-05-17

Sources of APOCALYX 3D for VC++ 7.0 (not tested)

At http://apocalys.sf.net now you can find the sources of the APOCALYX 3D Engine ported to VC++ 7.0. This version was not tested yet, so you can alternatively download the VC++ 6.0 version (that I could test: It works!) or contact the author of the 7.0 version if you find any problem (more details in the readme.txt included in the package).

Posted by Leonardo Boselli 2003-05-17

Sources of APOCALYX 3D for VC++ 6.0 now available!

Finally a version of the APOCALYX sources compatible with Microsoft VisualC++ 6.0 is available for download.
You can find both the versions of the sources (BC++ 5.5 and VC++ 6.0)
at http://apocalyx.sourceforge.net
Feel free to report any problem you may find with the new version of the sources. Thank you!

Posted by Leonardo Boselli 2003-05-02

APOCALYX 3D engine adds support for Quake3 BSP

APOCALYX is an open source 3D engine in development based on OpenGL
that includes lens flares, sky boxes, height field terrains, wavy
surfaces, a particle system, 3D sound, compressed data management and
an MD3 models loader. The latest release adds a loader of Quake3 BSP
levels. The demo about BSPs is available in two versions: A C++ compiled version and a fully modifiable script written in the LUA language.

Posted by Leonardo Boselli 2003-04-13

APOCALYX 3D loads and renders Quake III BSP files

Finally 'APOCALYX 3D' can load and render Quake III BSP files. Check the demo at http://apocalyx.sourceforge.net . The source code and the LUA version are not available yet. If you try the demo, send me your impressions, suggestions and (constructive) criticisms. I know that the support of BSP files is far from complete, but I think that the demo is already quite nice (especially if you can run it with complex Quake levels ;-> )

Posted by Leonardo Boselli 2003-03-26

APOCALYX version 0.4.0 on stage!

Finally 'APOCALYX 3D' features MD3 models. On the site http://apocalyx.sourceforge.net you can find the latest version of the demos, of the Script Engine and of the FULL SOURCES (0.4.0). There is even the replica of the "MD3 Model Demo" written completely using LUA scripts, so you can compare the performances!

Posted by Leonardo Boselli 2003-02-15

The Animator of MD3 Models is now available

Finally the loader and animator of the MD3 models is available for download in the 'Files' section. As soon as possible, the sources (0.4.0) and the new "APOCALYX Script Engine" will be available, too.

Posted by Leonardo Boselli 2003-02-07

New MD3 mesh animator (only screenshots)

See the screenshots of the new MD3 mesh animator http://apocalyx.sf.net/demo4.html . The demo and its sources will be available as soon as possible: I'm still refining them.

Posted by Leonardo Boselli 2003-01-04

APOCALYX-Lua docs finally available

The basic APOCALYX-Lua ducumentation is now available for download (follow the link to the 'Files' section). The paper consists in a single HTML file divided in three parts. The first contains a description of the LUA language (taken from the
original LUA documentation but somewhat modified). The second includes the generic LUA API (useful functions that extend the language).
Finally, the third part lists all the function and objects of the APOCALYX engine accessible to the programmer of APOCALYX scripts.

Posted by Leonardo Boselli 2002-12-21

The LUA script support is now available

The new version of APOCALYX (0.3.0) includes the support of LUA scripts. Now it is possible to modify the basic demos of the engine or create your own demos without the need of recompiling the sources. The full documentation is not available yet, but you can download seven simple demos to get started with the APOCALYX-Lua APIs. Visit the 'Home Page' for more details.

Posted by Leonardo Boselli 2002-12-14

The sources are available for download

Finally the sources are available for download. Visit to the 'Files' page to get them. Remember that you can directly compile the sources using the "Free Borland Command Line Compiler", but support for other compilers could come soon.

Posted by Leonardo Boselli 2002-11-15

The APOCALYX site is up and running

The new APOCALYX site is up and running, click on http://apocalyx.sf.net . As soon as possible, the demos will be available for download in the "Files" section. While in a day or two I'll send the sources to the CVS system.

Posted by Leonardo Boselli 2002-10-24

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