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Using plugins

Ronald Ray
  • Ronald Ray

    Ronald Ray - 2008-02-16

    I have DLed the plugins, and placed the dll's in the Apophysis directory. However, none seem to work even with other user's scripts that call for them. Where can I find the proper install procedure?

    • Neil Slater

      Neil Slater - 2008-02-16

      I hope that helps you.

      >>I have DLed the plugins, and placed the dll's in the Apophysis directory

      They should go into a separate folder called "Plugins". This is searched for relative to each Apophysis.exe file - it does not have to be under C:\Program Files\Apophysis 2.0, though that is where it should be if you have put your Apophysis 2.07 update there too.



    • Ronald Ray

      Ronald Ray - 2008-02-18

      Thank you Neil.  I would be reasonable thing to have in the DL Readme, too.

    • John B

      John B - 2008-11-09

      Any suggestions on how to configure this via wine? (or is there a better linux-based approach available?)

      • Joel Faber

        Joel Faber - 2008-11-09

        I use VMWare to run windows on top of linux.   I haven't used wine with plugins before.

    • John B

      John B - 2008-11-09

      Joel - Thank you for that. For a number of reasons, I can't go that route - not the least because I'm currently on an ASUS EeePC.

      FWIW, apo 2.08b2 works quite well out of the box with wine-1.0. It has some stability issues with large renders or interrrupting the rendering process, mostly. The one major quirk that's annoying is the inability to add plugins. Hence the question above.

      If/when I figure it out, I'll put it up. I suspect there may be a filesystem/default registry incompatibility, working on proving/disproving it.


      • Joel Faber

        Joel Faber - 2008-11-09

        I used wine a long time ago (before plugins existed for Apophysis).  I remember wine did some weird things with the current working directory.  If you're launching apophysis.exe from a link it could assign the CWD to the location of the exe, the link, or some other place.  Try putting your Plugins folder in various locations then fire up Apophysis to see if it works.


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