Sample image/flame for released plugins

  • Erik Reckase

    Erik Reckase - 2007-10-08

    Could the authors of the plugins please supply a sample image (jpg/png) and flame file so that I can ensure that flam3 code to match the plugin is correct?


  • Erwin van der Minne

    Obviously not………………….

  • Neil Slater

    Neil Slater - 2013-02-06

    I believe that I did supply data for "crackle" to Erik at the time. That plugin has been my most popular output.

    None of my transforms are actually in the official releases from this Sourceforge project.

    In additional, Joel and Michael Faber have long since moved on to other personal projects.

    Many of the Apo plugin packs found on the 'net use this project as starter material, and include far more plugins than hosted here. However, they often omit source code (as such this breaks the licensing, but copyright commitments on anything but their own images seems to be low down most artists priorities - it's like herding kittens and the developers long since gave up trying to police that!)

    If you are looking for good test/reference material, I think your best source would be via the  #Apophysis or fractals groups on - they are very helpful, and many of the artists there have collections of reference and starter flames which could be ideal for your purpose.

    If you wish to use any of my plugins, then I host them on deviantart, and usually supply the necessary references already inside the plugin download, along with the C source. Any that I have not done this for, or that you cannot locate, or even if you just need it signposted better in the file, I am happy to fix. Sorry I cannot do that for everything in this plugin repo - but if you are really stuck on an individual plugin, please ask again and I can *try* to track it down. Do note I have been out of the fractals circuit for a couple of years though . . .

    As an example, crackle is here:

  • Neil Slater

    Neil Slater - 2013-02-06

    Just noticed that the crackle plugin .zip did not include reference images. If you are picking up from where Erik left off, and need those refs again, let me know and I will get those for you. Cannot on this machine, it's a Mac . . .


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