Looping Control?

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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi there - I didn't see a looping control available from the command line.

    have I just missed this?

  • Max Stepin

    Max Stepin - 2010-08-11

    No, I guess I forgot that some people might find it useful. I'll add it in the next version 2.2 (soon)

    Meanwhile (if you're on Windows) you can edit acTL chunk using TweakPNG 1.4.0

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    OK great; I may add it to the source and build it here on my OS X box.
    I can see where you drop in the 0 when building up the acTL

  • casey dunn

    casey dunn - 2010-08-12

    oh and thanks for the mention of TweakPNG - hadn't heard of it.


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