Portal home page caching

  • Anonymous - 2004-10-12

    By default the portal homepage has caching disabled? Is there any particular reason for this? Can I turn caching on? e.g. replace:




    I presume caching for the world is unnecessary because the portal page is customised on a per user basis.


    • remi

      remi - 2004-10-13

      hi everybody,

      In relation to miles question, I have another question. Which is better in terms of caching performance?

      1. turning on waf.web.cache_policy for the world
      2. caching using squid
      3. or selective caching like what miles is asking

      I have turned on waf.web.cache_policy for the world and it has significantly speed up my system. I have not tried squid though. Can somebody share their experience in this context? 

    • remi

      remi - 2004-10-13

      miles...i think the reason why they disable the cache is because the portal page queries dynamic data. so most probably things like news portlet shouldnt be cached, otherwise, you would end up looking at the same news item list for ages.

      that is just my opinion...


      • Anonymous - 2004-10-14

        Hi remi,

        I can think of several reasons why you wouldn't want to cache a portal page but in this particular case I was wondering if there was any technical reasons why it should be disabled. In the past I've come across CCM apps that require caching to be disabled to work correctly, e.g. needed a new set of objects to be created per request or you'd get some odd behaviour.

        If you grep through the APLAWS+ source, most of the JSP pages disable caching, which makes you wonder, why? I suspect that most of them can be cached, it's just no one has tested it yet.

        The portal page I'm using is fairly static so I'll turn on caching and see what happens.



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