ccm error

  • sja

    sja - 2005-02-18

    When trying to install APLAWS+ I receive the following error:
    # ccm load-bundle --interactive --name aplaws-plus-demo
    user: 'servlet' could not be found

    Just running ccm on its own produces the following error:
    # ccm
    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/arsdigita/packaging/MasterTool

    Is this part of the Aplaws+ installation or is it part of RedHat.

    • Nick Horrigan

      Nick Horrigan - 2005-02-18

      Have you installed resin/tomcat correctly?  Refer back to the APLAWS Installation instructions for installing teh servlet container and recheck your setup.

    • Pervez Choudhury

      I was getting that same error this morning.  The way I got around it was to add the jar file containing MasterTool to my CLASSPATH system variable.  YMMV


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