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Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool 1.0.0_beta23 released

Implemented --add-defaults command line switch that adds sane default values in case new columns with NOT NULL constraints are added or columns are modified to have NOT NULL constraint.

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2007-07-21

Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool 1.0.0_beta22 released

Added option to quote all names in the created diff using --quote-names command line argument.

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2007-05-02

Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool 1.0.0_beta21 released

Bugfix release. Corrected determination of end of function.

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2007-04-12

Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool 1.0.0_beta20 released

This release contains support for FUNCTIONs and TRIGGERs (thanks for initial help with support of FUNCTIONs to Hans Idink). Also parsing is now more relaxed with regard to white space and case sensitivity. Also some code cleanup has been done.

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2007-04-03

Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool 1.0.0_beta19 released

Bugfix release. Corrected bug #1674416.

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2007-03-14

Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool 1.0.0_beta18 released

Bugfix release - sequences are now created before tables (solves problem when table DDL depends on sequence).

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2007-02-01

Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool 1.0.0_beta17 released

Bugfix release - applied patch from Jure Mercun that makes parsers case insensitive and corrects handling of quoted names. Also this release processes all database objects according to the order they appear in DDLs.

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2007-01-30

Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool 1.0.0_beta16 released

Bugfix release - corrected bug that caused that constraints were not diffed. Also added support for not named foreign keys.

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2007-01-26

Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool 1.0.0_beta15 released

Bugfix release - corrected parsing of CREATE TABLE and CREATE INDEX - the case when there was not space before '(' was not handled correctly and it caused parsing exception.

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2007-01-17

Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool 1.0.0_beta14 released

Bugfix release - now inline comments are stripped from commands before parsing.

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2007-01-15

Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool 1.0.0_beta13 released

Parsers in apgdiff has been rewritten so apgdiff is no more depending on formatting of SQL commands which means users can use dumps from older PostgreSQL versions, SQL commands created by pgAdmin, hand-written SQL commands etc.

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2007-01-13

Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool 1.0.0_beta12 released

Added full support for diffing SEQUENCEs with --ignore-start-with switch that can turn off checking of modifications for START WITH parameter on SEQUENCEs.

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2006-11-28

Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool 1.0.0_beta11 released

Improved parsing of COLUMN definitions so it can handle any data type and added support for INHERITS.

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2006-11-28

Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool migrated to subversion

Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool code has been migrated to subversion.

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2006-11-27

Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool 1.0.0_beta10 released

Added support for CLUSTER and STATISTICS, columns in the diff are now sorted in the same order they are in DDL (patch by Matthieu Patou).

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2006-11-27

Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool 1.0.0_beta8 released

This release brings a new feature, PRIMARY KEY changes are now output before FOREIGN KEY changes to satisfy FOREIGN KEY need of PRIMARY KEYs on referenced fields.

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2006-07-30

Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool 1.0.0 beta6 released

Beta5 release doesn't work because was accidentaly removed. This release solves the problem.

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2006-06-13

Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool 1.0.0_beta5 released

Minor update of formatting of output. See changelog for details.

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2006-06-01

apgdiff 1.0.0 beta4 released

In this release constraint creation syntax was corrected.

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2006-03-26

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