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Website moved to new domain

Application website has been moved to Sources are available at

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2013-02-17

Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool 2.4 Released!

This release brings several new features and bug fixes. See for more information.

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2012-09-21

Project moved to github

Project has been moved to I hope this move will motivate more apgdiff users/developers to participate in apgdiff development. Along with git sources, all issues were migrated to github too.

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2012-08-03

Switch from Mercurial to Git

I have decided to switch the repository from Mercurial to Git, so from now on, you can get the latest code from new git repository.

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2011-01-26

Version 2.3 Is Out!

This version brings two new features and several bug fixes. For details see

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2010-10-22

Version 2.2.2 Is Out!

This is bugfix release. It fixes many bugs and adds Czech localization. For more information see

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2010-10-08

Version 2.2.1 Is Out!

Fixed issue with default values for columns in VIEWS and added statements that are partially ignored to the output of ignored statements. For details see

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2010-10-03

Version 2.2 Is Out!

It introduces new command line switch --output-ignored-statements and handles ignored statements much better. More info at

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2010-10-02

Version 2.1 Is Out!

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2010-09-30

Launched New Website!

You can find new website at I hope you all will enjoy this new website. It contains information from old website and wiki and also contains many new information.

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2010-09-28

Version 2.0.2 Is Out!

Added support for silenty skipping CREATE DOMAIN.

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2010-09-16

Version 2.0.1 Is Out!

Added support for silently skipping CREATE OPERATOR and ALTER LANGUAGE statements.

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2010-09-16

Version 2.0 Is Out!

there was only one bug report for version 2.0 beta 2 so that one is fixed in this release, otherwise there are no changes

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2010-09-13

Version 2.0 Beta 2 Is Out!

added support for ENABLE|DISABLE PARSER|TRIGGER, they are now parsed but not diffed. also restricted more parsing of dumps so unknown commands are not ignored.
more info at:

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2010-07-23

Version 2.0 Beta 1 Is Out!

I just released first beta of new version 2.0. It contains completely new parser, a lot of bugfixes, and also support for some new features.

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2010-07-23


I just activated wiki for apgdiff project and copied there text from maven generated site. You can find the wiki at or by clicking at Hosted Apps -> MediaWiki.

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2010-07-22

Work on new version of apgdiff

I started to work on new version of apgdiff. The main change will be in the way SQL is parsed. It will enable more flexible parsing which will both fix some old bugs and also make possible to easily add support for new features. I commit only versions that pass tests so feel free to download and compile the sources and test the new version and report bugs and even new feature requests. If you would like to have these releases, just let me know at forum and I will also make pre-releases of apgdiff.

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2010-07-22

Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool 1.3 released

Bugfix release. These bugs are fixed:
* problem with parsing VIEWs that contain ';' within the VIEW definition (bug 2124852)
* problem with indexes not being added in case new schema has been created (bug 2107326)
* bug in SEQUENCE MINVALUE argument (bug 2100013)
* problem with looking for end of subcommand (bug 2094660)
* AUTHORIZATION keyword typo

Also now apgdiff outputs comment in case column type has been changed so the changes can be easier to handle (bug 2114141).... read more

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2008-09-30

Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool 1.2 released

Fixed bug #2032983 (CREATE UNIQUE INDEX commands were ignored) and fixed problem with some output not being displayed because output stream was not closed.

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2008-08-03

Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool 1.1 released

This release contains support for input and output encoding and comparison of functions ignoring multiple whitespace.

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2008-08-01

Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool 1.0.0_beta28 released

Added --version command line switch that displays program version.

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2007-10-29

Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool 1.0.0_beta27 released

Improved error messaging when CREATE SCHEMA is missing in the dump where non-default schema is used.

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2007-10-29

Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool 1.0.0_beta26 released

In this release support for VIEWs has been added.

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2007-09-09

Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool 1.0.0_beta25 released

Added experimental support for multiple schemas in dump files (any feedback is welcome) and command line switch --add-transaction for enclosing the produced diff in transaction.

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2007-09-01

Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool 1.0.0_beta24 released

Fixed problem with creation of CLUSTER on new tables (bug #1732381).

Posted by Miroslav Šulc 2007-07-22