APEX Builder Plugin Settings do not open

  • Patrick Wolf

    Patrick Wolf - 2008-02-19

    Some users get the below error message in Firebug when they try to open the
    "APEX Builder Plugin Settings". But the appearance of the error seems to be
    not always the same.

    There are currently 2 known error situations:

    1) One user got the error after he successfully opened the settings, but all
    following attempts raised the below error. He had to uninstall and
    reinstall the script.

    2) Another user always got the below error message.


    jqi.css("paddingLeft") has no properties
    (no name)("<form id="ApexBuilderPlugin_settings"><table> <tr><td>
    <fieldset> <legend>Enabled Features</legen...", Object prefix=jqi
    buttons=Object container=body opacity=0.5)greasemonkey.js (line
    (no name)()greasemonkey.js (line 2086)
    oncommand(command )browser.xul (line 1)
    [Break on this error] undefined


    A workaround to set at least the URL Prefix is to follow the following

    1) Enter


       into the URL field of your browser.
    2) Open the context menu for a listed entry and
       a) select "New \ String"
       b) enter

          greasemonkey.scriptvals.http://builderplugin.oracleapex.info//APEX Builder Plugin 1.9.url_prefix

          as name
       c) enter as value, the URL prefix for you config files. eg. /i/apex_builder_plugin/

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi Patrick,
      I have the same error you're describing as 2.) So i cannot edit the settings. I added an entry in the about:config of FF but it doesn't help. I'am not sure if the local (...\Apache\images\apex_builder_plugin) apex_builder_plugin.js file is also loaded, because the background image does not appear when I uncomment it in the script. All other features of the plugin are working fine (as far as I can see).
      Hope you can help me with this when you're back from vacation ;)
      Jacob from the Netherlands

      • Patrick Wolf

        Patrick Wolf - 2008-03-22

        Hi Jacob,

        sorry it took a little bit longer. Have you checked the Error Console of FF. It shows which files and from where the plugin is loading them.



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