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APEX Builder Plugin

  • Lutz Kraeft

    Lutz Kraeft - 2008-10-06

    Hi all,
    I was just trying to install the APEX Builder Plugin but running my APEX app I receive the message that the apexlib was not defined. I reckon that I didn´t copy the jscripts to the right directory. The installation guide just points out to extract the files. But where?
    Thanks in advance

    • Patrick Wolf

      Patrick Wolf - 2008-10-07

      Hi Lutz,

      I think you mixed up the APEX Builder Plugin with the ApexLib Framework.

      In the "HowTo Integrate" of the Framework you will find at the beginning (Application Server/Oracle XE WebDav Installation) where to copy the files.

      Hope that helps

    • Lutz Kraeft

      Lutz Kraeft - 2008-10-15

      Hi Patrick,

      thanks a lot for your instant reply. It was even more simple than getting mixed up with the framework files. I am running the add-on IE Tab for FF and hadn´t installed the Apex builder plugin for IE when testing.

      Take care,


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