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apexlib plugin framework on firefox

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hello Patrick,

    I don't seem to get the additional region for putting the apexlib hints (apexlib developer framework in the plugin.

    Dit I forget something?



    • Patrick Wolf

      Patrick Wolf - 2008-01-07

      Hi Erwin,

      have you downloaded the file from ? You have to uploaded the included files as you did with the other configuration files.

      If you already did that, are the configuration files loaded at all? Do you see values in the new "Set" select list? If not, go to "Tools/Error Console", clear the existing messages and reload your page in the browser again. You should see some messages from where the plugin is trying to download the configuration files. Check if they are accessible when you directly input the URL into your browser.

      Hope that gives you some hints

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hello Patrick,

      Thanks again for the great help it was indeed the "zip" I forgot to copy to my server.
      Now it's working great!



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