Problem with installation of v2_0_3

  • Ian Carpenter

    Ian Carpenter - 2009-12-16


    I am using APEX 3 2 1 and trying to install Apexlib v2_0_3.

    Using the advice give here:

    I started a new SQL plus session and connected as the user that owns the schema objects that my apex workspace is based on. I then ran the command:


    and get the following error:

        Connected to:
        Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
        With the Partitioning, OLAP and Data Mining options
        SQL> @ApexLib_integrate_into_application.sql
        . Enter the ID of the application: (eg. 104)
        Enter value for add_to_application_id: 500
        … add application process ApexLib_getGenericResult
        … add application process ApexLib-Before Computation/Validation
        … add application item APEXLIB_REFERENCE_ID
        … add application item APEXLIB_REFERENCE_TYPE
        … add application item APEXLIB_ROUTINE_TYPE
        … add Page 0
               AND PAGE_ID        = 0
        ERROR at line 8:
        ORA-06550: line 8, column 12:
        PL/SQL: ORA-00904: "PAGE_ID": invalid identifier
        ORA-06550: line 4, column 5:
        PL/SQL: SQL Statement ignored
        Disconnected from Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 6n
        With the Partitioning, OLAP and Data Mining options

      Any advice you can give would be much appreciated.


  • Peter Raganitsch


    did you install the database part of ApexLib at first?

    If yes:
    - what are your NLS settings?
    -  please open the integrate script in an editor and search for PAGE_ID
    - check if found statement is valid, maybe the file was corrupted during copying/download


  • Ian Carpenter

    Ian Carpenter - 2009-12-17

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the very quick response.

    Firstly, no I didn't install the database part of ApexLib first, I thought running this script "ApexLib_integrate_into_application.sql" done it all for me. Have I misunderstood this part?

    Secondly the nls settings are:

        SQL> show parameter nls
        NAME                                 TYPE        VALUE
        ------------------------ ------- --------------------
        nls_calendar                         string
        nls_comp                             string
        nls_currency                         string
        nls_date_format                      string      FXDD-MON-YYYY
        nls_date_language                    string
        nls_dual_currency                    string
        nls_iso_currency                     string
        nls_language                         string      ENGLISH
        nls_length_semantics                 string      BYTE
        nls_nchar_conv_excp                  string      FALSE
        nls_numeric_characters               string
        nls_sort                             string
        nls_territory                        string      UNITED KINGDOM
        nls_time_format                      string
        nls_time_tz_format                   string
        nls_timestamp_format                 string
        nls_timestamp_tz_format              string

    Thirdly, the script is falling over at this point:

        - step 1
        - add page 0 if it doesn't exist already
        PROMPT … add Page 0
            l_exists number;
            SELECT COUNT(*)
              INTO l_exists
             WHERE APPLICATION_ID = wwv_flow.g_flow_id
               AND PAGE_ID = 0;

    When I describe the table `APEX_APPLICATION_PAGES`

        SQL> desc apex_application_pages;
         Name                                      Null?    Type
         --------------------------- ----- -------------------
         IDENTIFIER                                NOT NULL NUMBER(10)
         AAPPLI_IDENTIFIER                         NOT NULL NUMBER(10)
         APAGE_IDENTIFIER                          NOT NULL NUMBER(10)
         CREATED_DATE                              NOT NULL DATE
         CREATED_BY                                NOT NULL VARCHAR2(50)
         MODIFIED_DATE                                      DATE
         MODIFIED_BY                                        VARCHAR2(50)

    I can see that columns `APPLICATION_ID, PAGE_ID` are not columns of this table.

    Please advise.

  • Peter Raganitsch


    you have to install the database part of ApexLib at first. The reason why this is split into two scripts is, that you need just one installation of ApexLib you can use in multiple Applications.

    Your NLS settings look fine, but it seems that you have a local table or view named APEX_APPLICATION_PAGES. With that you overrule the original View from Apex. Please rename your table to something that won't conflict with APEX tables or views.



  • Ian Carpenter

    Ian Carpenter - 2009-12-17

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the clarification regarding the database installation.

    I will try the installation again.

    Thanks again for the fast turnaround of information.




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