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  • Suma

    Suma - 2008-07-31

    Hi Patrick,
      Good afternoon, I am able to integrate APEXLIB 1.7 into htmldb with latest patch on one server successfully. But, When I tried it on other db instance with another ora home, on the same physical box, some of the fields are getting "null" value and LOVs are not working properly. Please advise. We need to go live and now we are finding this very hard to crack!!! Appreciate any help you can give us.

    • Patrick Wolf

      Patrick Wolf - 2008-07-31

      Hi Suma,

      what do you mean with "null" value? About the LOVs which are not working properly, are those cascading lovs?

      Where you run the page with Firefox and Firebug installed, do you see if Javascript errors are raised when the page is rendered? Most time the above issues are because the apexlib.js file couldn't be found on the web server.

      Just type in the URL to that Javascript file into the browser and see if the file can be downloaded. Just have a look at the HTML page source to get the correct URL.

      Hope that helps

    • Suma

      Suma - 2008-08-01

      Good morning Patrick,
         Thank you once again for your time. Yes, I did check for the files as you suggested in firefox, and I am able to see the files. By any chance, can I send you the debug output for both working and non-working forms? Can you please take a look at them? In the form that is working, the very first thing that happens is clear forms items.(ApexLib_Lov.clearLovNullValues). And this is not happening in the same form which is on another instance! I even copied the applications from the DEV box to TEST BOX, but still no success, in gettting the apexlib to work properly. I appreciate any help you can give me. Regars, Suma

      • Patrick Wolf

        Patrick Wolf - 2008-08-01


        what exactly isn't working?

        You submit the page and would expect that for the select list fields which contain a %null% the value is set to NULL, correct? How do you determine that it doesn't work? Are you getting some kind of errors later on?

        So the ApexLib_Lov.clearLovNullValues is your only problem, or do you have other problems with ApexLib which do not work too? Eg. Cascading Lovs, Browser Validation,...?

        Have you upgraded the APEX version on your production system recently? Was ApexLib already installed on that system before the upgrade?

        Sure you can send me the debug output, the e-mail address can be found in the documentation.


    • Suma

      Suma - 2008-08-01

      Hi Patrick,
        Thanks again. I am having a form with fields which are select lists and text fields and textareas. In the instance apexlib works, when I click on "SAVE" button without entering any data in the fields, tha validations trigger and I get the errors from apexlib, with a red X and message next to field saying "must enter a value". But, on the instance where apexlib is  not working, when I click on the "save" button without entering any data in the fields , I see the validation messages from apexlib also, in the fields which are text fields, the value "null" is set and after that even if I select a value from the select list in other fields, the values are not saved.
      Yes,a patch was put on apex 3.1 and now apex version is And apexlib 1.7 was already there and was working before the patch was put on. I am sending the debug outputs to your email address. thank you so much for your time and help. Can't thank you enough.

      Best rgds,

    • Suma

      Suma - 2008-08-05

      Good afternoon Patrick,
         Just checking in if you had few minutes to look into my code?

      Thanks for your time.

    • Suma

      Suma - 2008-08-07

      Hi Patrick ,
        Good evening. Thank you so much for apexlib. I just had to pay more attention in documenting how a problem was solved. I followed your suggestion in your previous help,

      When you comment out the

      ( pShowRequiredWarning => TRUE

      And it was the cure even now.

      Best regards,


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