Lady's problem with APEX – Validation...

  • Kate Ryniewicz

    Kate Ryniewicz - 2010-03-08

    I am a beginner in Apex.
    Today I installed ApexLib. I integrated it into my application using ApexLib_integrate_into_application.sql. I alo installed this great plugin for FF.

    And then I've encountered some problems:
    1. In Tabular Form validation, the option "Is Required" doesn't work. I don't know why.
    2. I've done some tests. I had written a very simple Validation TEST 'Function returning error text'
    FOR ii IN 1 .. ApexLib_TabForm.getRowCount LOOP
                    ( pError      => 'I am %0'
                    , pColumnName => 'PRC_ID'
                    , pRow        => ii
                    , p0          => ii
    RETURN ApexLib_Error.getErrorStack;

    And when the 'Error message display location' option is set to 'On Error Page' it doesn't work.

    To be sure that it's not my mistake, I have created a new page in my application (very simple Tabular Form based on one page).
    I connected my Validation TEST only with a standard "SUBMIT" request.
    After I've changed 'Error message display location' to "Inline in Notification",
    I see the message I've expected. This is strange because the instructions clearly say "Error Display Location: On Error Page (it always has to be on error page!)".

    My validation  "Is Required" still doesn't work (of course after I removed TEST).
    After I click the submit button I see:
    - some page with an OK button (error page?)
    - then my page again (my new data with an empty cell which is related to an error ‘Required’ is still on the page)
    But it's happening very very fast.

    Could somebody help me? I've spent my whole vacation day on it :)
    Did I do something wrong during the installation?
    I've checked almost every description from pages How to integrate?

    Please, help the Lady :)

  • Kate Ryniewicz

    Kate Ryniewicz - 2010-03-09

    Some new information
    I’ve created new application

    After script ApexLib_integrate_into_application.sql in TOAD I see in DBMS Output:

    Error creating application item id="" ORA-00001: unique constraint (APEX_030200.WWV_FLOW_ITEMS_IDX3) violated
    Error creating application item id="" ORA-00001: unique constraint (APEX_030200.WWV_FLOW_ITEMS_IDX3) violated
    Error creating application item id="" ORA-00001: unique constraint (APEX_030200.WWV_FLOW_ITEMS_IDX3) violated

    I was trying:
    select * from all_source
    where upper(text) like upper('%WWV_FLOW_ITEMS_IDX3%')
    There was no results

  • Peter Raganitsch


    please run your apex application in firefox with firebug addon activated and check the console-tab for error messages. seems that there is some misconfiguration.


  • Kate Ryniewicz

    Kate Ryniewicz - 2010-03-09

    Thank you very much
    I see errors

    apexlib is not defined

    for code lines :
    </table><script type="text/javascript">

    apexlib is not defined

    for code lines:
    <script type="text/javascript">
    ( "t16Messages"
    , "t16Notification"
    , "#6699cc"
    , "#000000"

    I have finished steps:
    1. Database installation (Install into its own APEXLIB schema)
    2. Integration into your Application (using the ready script)

    I can use ApexLib_TabForm functions without problems.

  • Kate Ryniewicz

    Kate Ryniewicz - 2010-03-09


    I resolved the problem.
    I’ve got Oracle XE.

    In the instruction is:
    On the Application Server go into the parent directory (that's the images directory) of the directory where the htmldb_get.js and htmldb_html_elements.js are located (images/javascript).
    But I couldn’t find files: htmldb_get.js, htmldb_html_elements.js.
    First I created directory apexlib_2_0 as / javascript/ apexlib_2_0
    It was my mistake

    It should by exactly in main directory.
    In my case:

    Thank you for your advise :)


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