$APEXLIB_REQUIRED$ on checkboxes and radiobut

  • shoudt

    shoudt - 2009-09-02

    If I use $APEXLIB_REQUIRED$  on checkboxes and radiobuttons the error behaves differently than with other fields. I get a error page with the error message and a ok button instead of a message at the label an the notification area. Is this normal behavior ?

  • Peter Raganitsch


    can you explain in Detail what you are doing and maybe provide a repcase?


  • shoudt

    shoudt - 2009-09-14

    Hi Peter,

    My case is simple:

    Place a radio button on a page. Put in the comment $APEXLIB_REQUIRED$ . Branche with a button to a different page.
    When I press the button I get a blank page saying: 

    Error Radio is required.

    I would expect a error at the label or in the notification area. I hope
    this explains enough for you. If not I will try to buuild a repcase.
    btw I use APEX version 3.01

    Kind regards,


  • Peter Raganitsch

    Hi Sander,

    i just did some quick tests with ApexLib 1.6 and with the development Version, both worked as expected.

    Do you use some other Field/Label Template for your radio group?
    Have you tried using a required text-field on the same page? Does this work as expected?
    Which Version of ApexLib are you using?


  • shoudt

    shoudt - 2009-09-15


    Thank you for youre response.
    I ran through the installation document to make sure everything was ok. It turned out that I forgot to add some script to the error page head(step 10).
    I added the code but now I get to see the OK as defined in this

        script(<a href="javascript:ApexLib_extractErrorPage()">#OK#</a> )

    on a blank page. It seems I am a step further but I have not the expected result yet.
    btw I am using template T10 and  version 1.6 of apexlib


  • Peter Raganitsch

    Hi Sander,

    could you mail me some repcase stuff to peter dot raganitsch at gmail dot com ?

    Makes it easier to investigate it.




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