Firefox error messages

  • Adam Flavell

    Adam Flavell - 2009-10-28

    We are using apexlib version 1.6upd whenever an error is raised in firefox the error does not appear in the current page but in the next page you visit.  The error is successfully shown in Chrome and IE.  Could you please explain whether there is a work around for this, or would upgrading to version 2.0 correct this?

    Thanks Adam

  • Peter Raganitsch

    Hi Adam,

    Firefox not showing this error has to do with its unique Page caching Algorithm (BFCACHE).
    You can either disable this caching (not recommended) or use its own javascript event onpageshow to call apexlib.error.handleErrorPage();

    See for explanations of BFCACHE


  • Adam Flavell

    Adam Flavell - 2009-10-29

    Hi Peter

    Thanks for this but it seems to be okay since I have udated to apexlib version 2.0.




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