can´t install @ApexLib_integrate_into_a...

  • I Can´t install @ApexLib_integrate_into_application.sql in my application.

    SQL> @ApexLib_integrate_into_application.sql
    . Enter the ID of the application: (eg. 104)
    Informe o valor para add_to_application_id: 106
    ... add application process ApexLib_getGenericResult
    ... add application process ApexLib-Before Computation/Validation
    ... add application item APEXLIB_REFERENCE_ID
    ... add application item APEXLIB_REFERENCE_TYPE
    ... add application item APEXLIB_ROUTINE_TYPE
    ... add Page 0
    ... add Page0 region: Page 0 - ApexLib - Javascript/CSS
    ERRO na linha 1:
    ORA-20001: Package variable g_security_group_id must be set.
    ORA-06512: em "APEX_030200.WWV_FLOW_API", line 48
    ORA-06512: em "APEX_030200.WWV_FLOW_API", line 6476
    ORA-06512: em line 20
    Desconectado de Oracle Database 10g Express Edition Release - Product
  • Hi,

    I have the same problem.
    What can we do to fix this please?

  • Which user did you use to connect to the database?

  • Vladimir

    I do upgrade from version 3.2

    I connect to the database as user APEXLIB.
    At me the same error

  • vventer,

    don't connect as APEXLIB to the database, connect as Parsing Schema User of your Application.


  • Paul Thompson
    Paul Thompson


    I am having the same problem and I was trying to connect using APEXLIB user as well.
    You said connect as Parsing Schema User. What is the Parsing Schema User and how to I login or create that user so i can integrate into my application with the script?


  • When you open your Application in the APEX Application Builder and go to the Application Definition Page you'll see the Option "Parsing Schema".

    This is the Oracle DB User which is used to execute your Application.

    All you need to do is connect with SQLPLUS to this Parsing Schema User and execute the integration Script.


  • Paul Thompson
    Paul Thompson

    I am really new at this so I am still having some problems.

    When I follow your directions I am able to see the Parsing Schema users (there is only one to select). The problem is that I did not know that was a user and when I try to connect with SQLPLUS I use "connect parsing_schema_user" and then it asks for a password but since I did not know about this user I do not know the password for it. Is there a way to reset the password?


  • Hi,

    connect to SQLPLUS as privileged user (e.g. SYS or SYSTEM) and change the password of the parsing-schema-user with

    ALTER USER username IDENTIFIED BY password;

    Hope that helps,