• Willi Firulais

    Willi Firulais - 2007-07-23

    Hallo Patric,

    You have started a fine enhancing of the js functionallity of apex by using jQuery.
    Why have you decided using this library?

    Do you have some concepts on your enhancements and how to use the apex_lib.js functions for enhancing? What i am currently missing are some simple navigation functions and getter functions when creating a updateable report (e.g. adding a line without roundtrip, better support for async ajax request with command queue, etc.).

    Thx, Willi

    • Patrick Wolf

      Patrick Wolf - 2007-08-12

      Hi Willi,

      forgot about that thread, the reminder mail was going down and down in my inbox :-)

      After I started the ApexLib framework and already did some Javascript programming I found the jQuery framework. I think it was the flexible textarea feature. There are a lot of Javascript frameworks out there.

      I liked about jQuery that
      -) it is quite small (20kb)
      -) the chaining of the manipulation
      -) the CSS, XPath selection
      -) the event handling
      -) the ready function which fires before onload
      -) and that's primary focus is DOM manipulation and not UI enhancement

      I probably could have used Prototype or some of the other frameworks too, but what I have seen they are a little bit bigger or have a different focus.

      But I have to confess that I haven't done a lot of investigation, I read the documentation and liked it :-)

      About your second question. The ApexLib Javascript libraries currently already have getter and setter function for accessing tabular form columns (btw, by name!). So you could already use them if you look into the code, but I'm not sure yet if the current structure of the Javascript library is the final one or if I change it in a next version. But after that I plan to also make the Javascript API public and documented.



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