select rows on tabular form problem

  • Steve Howard

    Steve Howard - 2007-10-18


    I have successfully used this in the past but I am having trouble with my current task.  When I do a process to grab the selected rows I get the ORA-01403: No data found error.

    ORA-01403: no data found ORA-01403: no data found
    ORA-01403: no data found ORA-01403: no data found

    Below my comments I have included some of the debug listing from the page when I get the error.  More information... The "report" is an updateable report but with no really changeable fields (a few have display as text save state, the rest I think are standard report columns).



    p.s. on the pulled report thing - it was a mixture of apexlib and javascript from Carl and Carl gave me a way to handle it (I posted the solution on the Forum).

    Get column list(ApexLib_Sql.getColumnList)
    ......column CLINK not mapped - not stateful.
    ......column SAP_SUMMARY_ID mapped to WWV_Flow.g_f02
    ......column SAP_ID mapped to WWV_Flow.g_f03
    ......column MATRIX not mapped - not stateful.
    ......column NUMBER_OF_SAMPLES not mapped - not stateful.
    ......column CONTAINER_SIZE not mapped - not stateful.
    ......column CONTAINERS_PER_SAMPLE not mapped - not stateful.
    ......column CONTAINER_TYPE not mapped - not stateful.
    ......column PRESERVATIVE_REQUIREMENT not mapped - not stateful.
    ......column SAMPLE_TYPE not mapped - not stateful.
    ......column SAMPLE_ARCHIVE_REQUIREMENT not mapped - not stateful.
    ......column ANALYTICAL_SUPPORT_LEVEL not mapped - not stateful.
    ......column VALIDATION_SUPPORT_LEVEL not mapped - not stateful.
    ......column SAMPLE_DISPOSITION not mapped - not stateful.
    ......column REPORTING_BASIS not mapped - not stateful.
    ......column COMMENTS not mapped - not stateful.
    ......column D_ADDED not mapped - not stateful.
    ......column ANALYTICAL_METHOD_ID mapped to WWV_Flow.g_f04
    ......column UNIT_PRICE not mapped - not stateful.
    ......column TURNAROUND_TIME_DAYS not mapped - not stateful.
    ......column SOW_ID not mapped - not stateful.
    ......column SAMPLE_FREQUENCY not mapped - not stateful.
    ......column STATION_NAME not mapped - not stateful.
    ......column HOLDING_TIME not mapped - not stateful.
    ...array has 3 row(s). Used f04 to count.
    Validate report columns(ApexLib_TabForm.validateColumns)
    Row 1 has checksum error. ORA-01403: no data found ORA-01403: no data found ORA-01403: no data found
    ...Row 1
    0.01: A C C E P T: Request="SUBMIT"
    0.01: Metadata: Fetch application definition and shortcuts
    0.01: alter session set nls_language="AMERICAN"
    0.01: alter session set nls_territory="AMERICA"
    0.02: ...NLS: Set Decimal separator="."
    0.02: ...NLS: Set NLS Group separator=","
    0.02: ...NLS: Set date format="DD-MON-RR"
    0.02: ...Setting session time_zone to -04:00
    0.02: Fetch session state from database
    0.03: ...Check session 1022975405394868 owner
    0.03: ...Metadata: Fetch Page, Computation, Process, and Branch
    0.03: Session: Fetch session header information
    0.03: ...Metadata: Fetch page attributes for application 104, page 19
    0.04: ...Check authorization security schemes
    0.04: Session State: Save form items and p_arg_values
    0.04: ...Session State: Save "P19_SAP_ID" - saving same value: "54"
    0.04: ...Session State: Save "P19_COLUMNS" - saving same value: ""
    0.04: ...Session State: Save "P19_VIEWONLY" - saving same value: ""
    0.04: ...Session State: Save "P19_SOW_ID" - saving same value: "7"
    0.04: Processing point: ON_SUBMIT_BEFORE_COMPUTATION
    0.04: ...Process "ApexLib-Before Computation/Validation": PLSQL (ON_SUBMIT_BEFORE_COMPUTATION) BEGIN ApexLib_Lov.clearLovNullValues; -- ApexLib_Item.validateItems; ApexLib_TabForm.validateColumns; -- ApexLib_Error.showErrorStack; END;
    0.06: Encountered unhandled exception in process type PLSQL
    0.06: Show ERROR page...
    0.06: Performing rollback...

    • Patrick Wolf

      Patrick Wolf - 2007-10-18

      Hi Steve,

      hmmm, strange.

      Can you do the following steps to track down this problem.

      1) Open ApexLib_TabForm.pkb and go to line 646 and change

      'Row '||pRow||' has checksum error. '||SQLERRM


      'Row '||pRow||' has checksum error. '||SQLERRM||' code: '||vCode

      2) Go to the Application Level process "ApexLib-Before Computation/Validation" and add
      wwv_flow.debug('WWV_Flow.g_f02: '||WWV_Flow.g_f02.COUNT);
      wwv_flow.debug('WWV_Flow.g_f03: '||WWV_Flow.g_f03.COUNT);
      wwv_flow.debug('WWV_Flow.g_f04: '||WWV_Flow.g_f04.COUNT);

      in front of the existing code.


    • Steve Howard

      Steve Howard - 2007-10-18

      Thanks Patrick - I am glad to have the debug code.  Well, I have to hide in a VPN tunnel to do my work and didn't see this until I had trashed the offending region and recreated it as a tabular form - not updateable report.  Then it worked fine.

      I am pretty sure it wasn't apexlib - probably a confused updateable report that thought it was a tabular form...



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