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  • Steve Howard

    Steve Howard - 2007-10-31


    When I "debug" I see the apexlib info for the tabular form showing which columns are stateful and the fXX assigned.  I also see that when there is one row it shows that there are 0 rows using fxx to count. 

    ......column UNIT_PRICE mapped to WWV_Flow.g_f02
    ......column TURNAROUND_TIME_DAYS not mapped - not stateful.
    ......column SAMPLE_FREQUENCY not mapped - not stateful.
    ......column STATION_NAME not mapped - not stateful.
    ......column HOLDING_TIME not mapped - not stateful.
    ......column ANALYTICAL_METHOD not mapped - not stateful.
    ......column MULTIPLIER mapped to WWV_Flow.g_f03
    ......column TOTAL_BID mapped to WWV_Flow.g_f04
    ......column STATUS_FLAG not mapped - not stateful.
    ......column COMMENTS not mapped - not stateful.
    ......column D_ADDED not mapped - not stateful.
    ...array has 0 row(s). Used f04 to count.
    Generate tabform data(ApexLib_TabForm.generateBrowserData)

    Why is this?  Could it be the reason that my javascript calculation function isn't working (unit_price*multiplier) into total_bid. I am using the calcItems code suggested on the forum that has worked for me in the past with onChange="javascript:calcItems();" in the unit_price column.  I use f02 for unit_price, f03 for multiplier and f04 for total_bid.

    Thanks again,


    • Patrick Wolf

      Patrick Wolf - 2007-10-31

      Hi Steve,

      you can ignore the ApexLib debug message "array has 0 row(s). Used f04 to count.", because it's only valid if you submit the page. During page rendering the g_fxx arrays do not contain values that's why it's showing 0 as row count.

      I don't know what the calcItems Javascript function exactly does, but if you put an example onto I can have a look.


    • Steve Howard

      Steve Howard - 2007-10-31

      Hi Patrick,

      It is pretty simple so may not need to create an app - posted my problem in the forum

      Let me know if you need more info.



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