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APE - Ad Hoc Protocol Evaluation testbed / News: Recent posts

APE v0.4 released. Now boots from live CD-ROM!

APE v0.4 is released. Announcement:

I would like to announce a new release of the APE Testbed. APE is the
Ad-hoc Protocol Evaluation Testbed, developed at Uppsala University in
Sweden. The purpose of APE is to be able to perform large scale real
world tests of ad-hoc routing protocols. APE is not necessarily just
for ad-hoc - use the source code to build your own customized test

Key Features:... read more

Posted by Erik Nordström 2002-11-08

New much improved APE 0.3

APE 0.3 has been released, both in binary and source code form. APE 0.3 includes many improvements, among them is extended support for available routing protocol implementations and a brand new MAC-filter.

Posted by Erik Nordström 2002-01-25

APE Testbed 0.2 bug fix release

APE Testbed 0.2 is now available for download. Now with keymap selection and bug fixes.

Posted by Erik Nordström 2001-12-01

APE Testbed release 0.1 available

The APE project members are proud to announce that the first release of the APE Testbed is now available.

Posted by Erik Nordström 2001-11-28