Hi Aperture,

just FYI about the discussion we have on aperture:// and relative URIs

I still think that this is tricky and problematic and if we can avoid it, we should...
keep it simple.

below a typical problem we will get, taken from the NEPOMUK-KDE mailinglist

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Betreff: [Nepomuk] Handling filex:/ urls
Datum: Thu, 8 Jul 2010 08:59:32 -0700
Von: Andrew Lake <jamboarder@gmail.com>
An: nepomuk@kde.org

Hello all,

A fellow developer working with me on Bangarang encountered a
situation where all his media resources on a FAT32 partition started
showing up with filex:/ urls.  The partition is mounted, and as far as
he can tell has always been mounted.  Bangarang currently retrieves
the url via SPARQL using the nie:url resource property.

How would I go about accessing the normal file:/ url to allow the app
to play the media?

Thanks much,
Andrew Lake
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