Make me happy, switch the branch to trunk!

good idea, good work!


It was Antoni Mylka who said at the right time 04.03.2010 19:54 the following words:
On 02.03.2010 12:19, Antoni Mylka wrote:
Hello Aperturians,

I would like to start working on the codebase reorganization I wrote
about in September 2009.

Done, please checkout 'the code-reorganization-branch' in the 
aperture/branches folder of our SVN.

- 2 modules instead of 80 (core and example)
- mvn clean install takes 1:35 on my machine
- osgi packaging moved to a separate 'top-level' project 'aperture-osgi' 
in our SVN, it generates a single 16MB onejar OSGI bundle containing 
everything apart from SLF4J, Sesame and RDF2Go. Testing really appreciated.

Now, if this breaks something for you and you would really like to use 
some subset of aperture - step up. This is supposed to be a Request For 
Comment. Back in 2008 we thought that little modules are the right 
thing. A year has passed and we got VERY little feedback that this is 
actually the case, hence the return to the roots.

I intend to switch the branch with the trunk sometime next week unless 
someone gives a good reason why this would make him or her unhappy.

All kinds of comments welcome
Antoni Mylka

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