this of course needs not to be documented via e-mail,
but on the wiki.

Antoni, please do document such answers first in the wiki and then send a mail with the link to the page.

I did so now on the page where this must be documented


It was Antoni Mylka who said at the right time 20.06.2009 14:29 the following words:
Darren Govoni pisze:
I scanned the list for steps to perform the new maven build, but
couldn't quite figure it out. I'm on ubuntu and have maven, etc.

Could someone please give me a few pointers to build the latest code so
I can test the fixes?

thank you.



Sorry for a delayed response. The current trunk resides here:


It's not to be confused with the old trunk:


The old trunk will be deleted next week, as I wrote in an email two days
ago. Basically you need to checkout the trunk, and type 'mvn install' in
the root of the codebase. Then go to


And you'll see the aperture-1.3.0-SNAPSHOT folder which will contain the
release files. All of this is documented in the README.txt file at the
root of the codebase.

Please post any problems you might encounter.

Antoni Mylka

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