So - we search for a volunteer!

does anyone on the mailinglist have enough Maven experience to do this trick?
If you do it, then it must be SUPER high quality.... its a tricky task and you will need some time

a rare gnowsis t-shirt [1] is the reward, there is one XXL and one S remaining in our vault.



It was Antoni Mylka who said at the right time 21.11.2008 16:28 the following words:
2008/11/18 Jukka Zitting <>:

Following up on a thread from last year...



During the summer the ASF cleared OSL as acceptable for inclusion in
Apache releases. See [1] and [2] for the details.

Which brings me back to my original issue... Has there been any
progress towards making Aperture releases available in the central
Maven repository?



Well, not yet. Just as last year, there are two problems:
1. Make the aperture jars available in some maven repository with
proper pom.xml files with proper dependencies.
2. Migrate the aperture build process to Maven.

None of them has been solved so far.

Glad you mention it once more though.


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