It was Antoni Mylka who said at the right time 24.09.2008 00:34 the following words:
An update


2017492 Fix license headers
1868457 ThreadedExtractorWrapper: parametrizable timeout values
2058144 implement proper threading support in DataObjectFactory (submitted a patch with a solution)

not done

1650532 Improve processing of XHTML docs
- i say, close it as duplicate of the feature request 1838840
I repeat, this is a duplicate of the feature request 1838840, it has
been marked as due for 1.2.0.beta and therefore blocks the release.
It's a complex feature, definitely not a bug. I'd close it and state
that all further work will be done within 1838840. Chris?
ok from me
1989505 Incremental IMAP crawling broken
- i'm cooperating closely with Christian Reuschling, he can't crawl his
mailbox on mh, because the crawler colapses, we're looking for a way to
introduce some try/catch that will detect this situation
The source of the problem is a broken IMAP server implementation. See
my mail about UIDNOTSTICKY. I don't know how widespread this is. I
would personally incline towards marking this as a broken IMAP server
problem unless there is any objection in the community. If anyone
would like to use Aperture with an IMAP server that assigns different
URLs to messages whenever you ask it - please speak up.
document that - make a wikipage aobu the imap crawler in the wiki and write it there.

1944809 WebCrawler should follow robots.txt
nothing done, needs work

All kinds of comments welcome

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