Why not, seems a nice idea.
go for it.

(I remember something that the f*** java threads also expose these things only half-hearted, so yes, that is good to do)


It was Antoni Myłka who said at the right time 17.11.2007 20:45 the following words:
Paul Hübner pisze:
Hello Aperture,

i am using the aperture crawlers for about a year and i allways wondered 
why the "isStopRequested" method is not part of the Crawler Interface, 
this makes me using the CrawlerBase for references instead the Crawler 

Can anyone explain why ? and why not to extend the crawler Interface 
with the "isStopRequested" method ?

kind regards,



I don't have anything against such a change. If nobody objects, I would 
commit it.

Antoni Myłka

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