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Leo Sauermann wrote:
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What format (Unicode, UTF8, latin-1, ..) is the RDF writer output in?

I am using a ruby SAX parser to parse the xml output file and it keeps
choking on some of the characters in the rdfxml output.
I cannot quite say, we use Sesame2 underneath, I don't know what they 
use and don't have the time today to check.

The RDF/XML writer in Sesame 2 uses the UTF-8 encoding when writing to
an OutputStream. However, since you are writing to a Writer (as opposed
to an OutputStream), the character encoding is either not relevant, or
determined by the specific writer that you use. To be on the safe side,
I suggest that you start using OutputStream's instead.
that sounds precise, so this renders my last mail WRONG.. :-)
I mixed up writer/stream.


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