Hi guys,

I unlocked the wiki and copied a few pages from the doc into it.
smooth copy/pasting of HTML works out of the box (it keeps formatting) and the visual wiki editor is nice.
I have used the same wiki software with some friends to organize our sailing trip this year, its ok.


example pages:

it works now

* it looks weird. The old doc was clean and beautiful:

* the new style is cluttered with the sourceforge header, the advertisements and all links from the project. blargh.
* I tried to tweak the CSS but sf.net seems to expect just that, so changing CSS settings of the sourceforge headers. They have some regex checking that you don't do what I wanted to do.
my approach was tricking their regexp using this, but I think its not what the-powers-that-be may want
/* my hack for remuving sf clutter on top */
.wiki blurg, #mainnav, #kahuna, .projectsearch, .firstwave {display:none}

* I also tried other tricks, like adding the style as "media", or moving the Wikispacescontent div as absolute layer on top, but it seems they also know that. Well, sourceforge is a den of 1mio coders who tried tweaking this before us, so if the policy is "there are headers, ads and menu" we won't get around this, and its probably a waste of time trying to tweak the page as a whole, we can tweak the wiki.

you can try tweaking the css yourself:

so, if you are ok with a cluttered gui on top, I am ok, :-/

any comments?

It was Christiaan Fluit who said at the right time 30.07.2007 17:53 the following words:
Leo Sauermann wrote:
It looks weird when the whole top-section of the website is covered with 
the sourceforge header, google ads, and the wiki headers, so we may want 
to either use the sf wiki and change the stylesheet, making some <divs> 
display:none :-) otherwise, we would need to setup our own wiki :-/

I'd say: go for the SF wiki for the reasons you mentioned and only look 
into other options when it turns out that this doesn't work as planned.

In case it doesn't work out: we have a Confluence Wiki running already 
at www.aduna-software.org where we'd be happy to host the Aperture Wiki 
as well, but getting an account on that Wiki currently means asking 
someone at Aduna to make the account for you on Aduna's LDAP server, so 
it's more of a hassle.


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