It was Christiaan Fluit who said at the right time 30.07.2007 13:01 the following words:
Leo Sauermann wrote:
due to the increasing interest in Aperture code, I think the current way 
of documenting things has come to an end. For example, to keep a list of 
software that uses aperture and to keep example code and a FAQ, a more 
dynamic solution than the current static HTML pages (synchronized via 
CVS) could allow you to express your findings right at the time you have 
them :-)

I see that we have a lot of documentation and that we should think about 
this step a little, I am not sure if this solution is right.

so the most important question is:
* what would YOU write into an aperture wiki?

In my opinion you nailed down exactly those areas for which a Wiki makes 
much sense.

A (related) news section, including e.g. releases and presentations 
about products and projects that involve Aperture may be nice (see e.g. 
http://wiki.apache.org/lucene-java/OnTheRoad) but that's really all I 
could think of.
would be part of the wiki.

Where would this Wiki be located? Would the Wikispaces you mentioned 
earlier still be a good candidate? I'm fairly neutral in this. I would 
favor a site that is considered a standard place for SourceForge Wikis 
but I don't see SourceForge advocating this site a lot yet.
There is a standard-wiki way for sourceforge, to enable administrators have to select a checkbox here:

documentation about the SF wiki is here:

It looks weird when the whole top-section of the website is covered with the sourceforge header, google ads, and the wiki headers, so we may want to either use the sf wiki and change the stylesheet, making some <divs> display:none :-) otherwise, we would need to setup our own wiki :-/
* use the sourceforge wiki
 + we can use our sf.net accounts
 + no hassle
 - looks weird
 + maybe can be tweaked with CSS
* use own wiki
 - where to install it, who installs it, which wiki (waste of time to discuss these)
 - have to make new passwords
 + can be styled + tweaked

more feedback!

Another practical matter is what to do with the online documentation 
once the software starts to evolve (should the online documentation 
always cover all versions, should it only document the last version, 
perhaps some sort of branching in the online docs, etc.), but this is 
something we can tackle once the need arises.
agreed - its needed once the need arises.
I would say we try to document the latest released version.
(not latest-head-SVN)




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