It was Florent Jochaud who said at the right time 20.04.2007 10:15 the following words:

This seems perfect to me.

Another thing I was thinking, but maybe this should be moved to sesame 
as it's not directly related to Aperture.
This user permission question that was raised few days ago. If a SAIL is 
used, wouldn't it be possible to manage the permission at this level ? 
(or the underlying repository ?)  I was thinking that permission 
management was planned for sesame but I can't find anymore information, 
so maybe I just dreamed I saw it... Do you no if there are plan on this 
issue ?
Do you think it would be doable / the right place to do it ?

definitly ask the Sesame mailinglist.
They have security for repository level  granularity: read/write a whole repo or not.
What many people want is security on triple level or to express rules what triples can be accessed by whom, perhaps you should suggest that.

Though I hope its NOT in sesame2, because otherwise we have to wait longer for the final release ;-)
(something for an additional SAIL or sesame3)



Leo Sauermann wrote:
Hi Florent,

I also added Enrico Minack in the mail, with whom we are working on 
the LuceneSail specification. Altogether, its Chris Fluit, Gunnar 
Grimnes, Enrico Minack, and me. more below....

It was Florent Jochaud who said at the right time 17.04.2007 14:08 the 
following words:
So querying the Lucene-store created by the LuceneCrawhlerHandler 
works by using normal lucene queries (but escaping the property uris 
can be tricky), while querying the LuceneSail is done using SPARQL 
or SERQL and magic properties that are somehow evaluated...
How this "magic somehow" works is what I try to understand...  I 
think I could use lucene alone for fulltext query but a fulltext 
querying in "normal" SPARQL queries is exactly what I'd like to get...
Thats what we are working on. We will try to get the theory settled 
first (we already implemented it somehow two times, we basically know 
where the problems are now and need to write this down) and once this 
is settled and we know what is good for us, it would be cool to 
discuss it here.

We are working at the moment to gather our thoughts on the 
LuceneSail and will improve the code in some time (starting probably 
in a month or two ....)

Maybe my problem can wait this time :) and maybe I could help you at 
that time...
Yes, that would connect to above idea :-)



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