Hi Pekka,

I cannot answer now, I am on a three day review meeting,

Perhaps you want to try out Aduna Autofocus, which does most of the problems for you out of the box.

or other Aperture developers may want to answer, or try to reach me again next week.

kindest regards, sorry not to reacto now

It was Pekka Henttonen who said at the right time 26.03.2007 21:16 the following words:
Viestistä 26. maaliskuuta 2007 klo 11:10 (Leo Sauermann):

Hi Pekka,
As far as I know, aperture does only crawl mails from IMAP servers, so
you have to move the test mails to an imap server. Or we hack aperture
to also crawl MBOX files (which is possible using the javamail api we 
use inside)

If you already exactly know what you want and want it quick, it may be
better for you to use Java Mail - then you get the headers pretty easy.

If you want to be able to do more on the data, store it in a database,
perhaps add annotations using algorithms, then aperture may be good for you.
Aperture uses RDF to represent information, if you are familiar with RDF
(Semantic Web) then aperture is of use. Aperture can be used in 
combination with an RDF database, so then you have all the e-mail fields
in a database and can program your statistical analysis based on the 
database, you would then use a RDF query language for htis, such as 

Thanks for the answer, Leo. I have been thinking about JavaMail. There are
several questions:

1) how to capture email messages without interfering with the email
2) how to process headers, and
3) how to analyze the information extract

Ultimately the goal is to build intelligent systems for information
management, so I find RDF is an interesting alternative.



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