Es begab sich aber da Kevin C. Bombardier zur rechten Zeit 26.01.2007 03:21 folgendes schrieb:

Is there a genral programmers guide (formal or informal) on how to add a new datasource (compressed files) and crawler ((s)ftp)?


I thought I would ask since the documentation I have read through so far has been excellent and someone may have already written this or have an old email on how to do it.

Thanks for pointing that out, that is nice to hear!

I think we don't have documentation about this, but I may be wrong.
Please contact Antoni Mylka on doing that, he programmed the iCal crawler and can point you to the right things.


I would like to add (s)ftp but I am not sure if that falls under a new one from scratch (and wanted to make sure I knew all the areas to work in to develop it correctly) or would it be part of extending the web one (which does http(s) already).  I feel it is the former.

well, sftp is different from http, because of the clear user/password you need to login,
and also crawling is trivial, just traverse all directories.
Whereas the web crawler does interpret the HTML files and extracts links to find more for crawling

I would look into the filesystem crawler, as a reference, and start from scratch.
Chris Fluit probably has a better idea how to do the sftp...







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