maven Release 1.5.0 contains a snapshot

Florian R.
  • Florian R.

    Florian R. - 2011-06-15


    aperture-core-1.5.0.pom includes mstor with an SNAPSHOT Version (i.e. "the latest available development version"):

    could you please fix this for a future release?
    For software versioning and rollout I am not happy about including a SNAPSHOT in our Software.

    Thank you,

  • Chris Bamford

    Chris Bamford - 2011-06-15

    Hi Florian

    Not sure I am the right person to be asking!  Its true I did request a feature which was put into 1.5.0 and as such I now have built my own 'snapshot' locally against that SVN cn (2494).
    However, I do not have write access to any repo, so I guess you need to discuss this with mylka - as he was kind enough to prepare this for me.
    Furthermore, I have no need for a formal SNAPHOT release, as I can rebuild at any time from the SVN cn.


    - Chris

  • Antoni Mylka

    Antoni Mylka - 2011-06-29

    See now, with revision 2495 there should be no further SNAPSHOT dependencies in the transitive closure. I took all the projects of benfortuna that we depend on and "released" the current snapshots of them all into our own aperture-repo on sourceforge. They include mstore, ical4j, ical4j-vcard, juicer, modularity-parent and mnode-base. Changed the ical4j version number to proper "1.0", the reast are formed by <version>-SNAPSHOT-20110629. They contain no source modifications, only the poms are modified.


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