Message ID from Emails

  • kmk

    kmk - 2008-09-02

    I am able to get the message ID from Thunderbird email messages.  How do I get the message ID from Outlook email messages?

    • Antoni Mylka

      Antoni Mylka - 2008-09-03

      Don't quite know. You could dump the content of the data object returned by the Outlook Crawler, and see if the message id is there at all. If it is, then use the property, if it's not there, there is little we can do about it. I don't even know if Outlook itself does store the message ID and make it available via the COM interface we use.

      • Leo Sauermann

        Leo Sauermann - 2008-09-04

        Hi, I programmed the Outlook crawler (mostly)

        I don't have the time to run and test it, but AFAIK we can't read the message-id.

        You can look into the code yourself, just search for Mail/MailItem in the class OutlookCrawler, the real code is in OutlookResource.
        There all properies of a mail are added in one method, it is really stupid and simple.

        please extend this code to read the message-id, some hints are here:

        if you have redemption installed (Which is good):

        It seems the thing is NOT EASY, you must use redemption or CDO. We are using redemption already (but it needs to be installed separately), so you should go into this direction. You can also try to use CDO, but that is going to crack a nut:

        most formu posts agree that you can'T do it out-of-the box, you need to use redemption (or CDO, etc), read here:

        I will not code this for you because of time constraints, but if you write it yourself we will accept it as patch.
        We may code it for you if you contract us, then contact either Leo Sauermann from DFKI or Chris Fluit from Aduna.

    • Antoni Mylka

      Antoni Mylka - 2008-09-03

      Well, to be perfectly honest, there is little I can do about this, I don't have outlook :). I forwarded the question to the developers responsible for the Outlook Crawler. Maybe they will be able to help.


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