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             Release Notes for Apcupsd 3.14.x

Apcupsd 3.14.x is the latest STABLE release, containing many bug fixes and
new features over the previous 3.12.x stable series. Users of all previous
versions are encouraged to upgrade.


3.14.14 -- 31 May 2016


  * win32: Fix missing DLLs when installing only apctray

  * Fixes for socket error handling. Resolves apcaccess crash when connection 
    fails as well as several other theoretical issues.

  * MODBUS/USB error handling (COMMLOST) improvements for faulty USB links

  * Fix hiddev binding when usbfs is mounted on /dev/bus/usb instead of 
    /proc/bus/usb. This is necessary for switching between MODBUS/USB and
    USB/HID on Linux.

  * Update GPLv2 text and FSF address to match current versions from FSF.

  * Various fixes for potential issues suggested by Coverity Scan

  * MacOS X port support for El Capitan System Integrity Protection (SIP)
    aka "rootless"

  * Fix shutdown failure on Windows when UPSNAME includes spaces

  * Fix building bsd-usb driver
    (This was broken when modbus-usb support was added.)


  * Add status display for output current as well as apparent power

3.14.13 -- 02 February 2015


  * MODBUS USB support
    Previous releases supported MODBUS serial (RS232). This release adds
    support for MODBUS over USB. This protocol is preferable to the normal
    USB HID driver because it offers access to more UPS data readouts and
    controls. The only configuration file change needed versus MODBUS serial
    is to change UPSCABLE to usb and use an empty DEVICE setting. See the 
    MODBUS section of the apcupsd manual for more details.

  * Support for Apple Notification Center on Mac OS X (replaces Growl)

  * Apple install packages and binaries are signed with an Apple Developer
    key for compatibility with Gate Keeper

  * Windows USB driver has been updated with additional USB identifiers to
    support future APC products.


  * Use launchd for startup on Mac OS X as the old Startup Items mechanism is 
    no longer supported in 10.10 and above

  * Fix apcaccess on ARM systems where char is unsigned by default

  * Fix several potential issues identified by Coverity static analysis

  * Numerous other fixes and improvements all over the code, many of them
    submitted by users...Thank you!


  * Windows port now builds with the same configure and make system as the
    other targets, no need to maintain a special hardcoded Makefile.

  * Many cleanups to the Windows port codebase

  * Prebuilt binaries for Mac OS X no longer support PowerPC systems or 
    Mac OS X 10.4 and older

3.14.12 -- 29 March 2014             (Maintenance Release)


  * apcaccess and apcupsd status format updates to ease parsing by scripts
  * UPS name is included in subject line of emails in default scripts

  * Default event scripts pull SYSADMIN and APCUPSD_MAIL definitions from a
    common config file so they can easily be configured in one place


  * Fix issue with certain Back-UPS USB models repeatedly cycling power on/off 
    after killpower is issued

  * Fix display of battery level during MODBUS calibration

  * Fix apctest EEPROM setting on various models
  * Close and reopen serial port during extended COMMLOST in apcsmart driver
    (helps recover connection when USB serial port dongles are reconnected)

  * Avoid probing non-APC USB devices as it can cause lockups

  * Fix issue with service failing to start on Windows during boot with USB UPS

  * Fix bogus lock file error when config file error forces early termination

  * Fix MODBUS NOMOUTV reading for voltages other than 120VAC

  * Fix LOADPCT (CI_LOAD) on MODBUS driver

  * Fix issue with net driver not reporting MODEL value

3.14.11 -- 31 January 2014           (Maintenance Release)


  * MODBUS protocol support

    Over the summer, APC publicly released documentation[1] on a new UPS 
    control and monitoring protocol, loosely referred to as MODBUS (after the 
    historic industrial control protocol it is based on). The new protocol 
    operates over RS232 serial lines as well as USB connections and is intended 
    to supplement APC's proprietary Microlink protocol. Microlink is not going 
    away, but APC has realized that third parties require access to UPS status 
    and control information. Rather than publicly open Microlink, they have 
    created another protocol to operate along side it.

    Many existing Microlink UPSes can be upgraded to support MODBUS via a 
    firmware update. See [2]. Certain older models are not upgradeable. APC 
    support will be your best contact for determining if your UPS supports a 
    MODBUS upgrade the information linked below does not make it clear.

    For now, apcupsd supports MODBUS over RS232 serial only. It DOES NOT yet 
    support MODBUS over USB. See the apcupsd manual[3] for information on
    setting up apcupsd.conf for MODBUS UPSes.

    [1] http://www.apc.com/whitepaper/?an=176
    [2] http://www.schneider-electric.us/support/index?page=content&country=ITB&lang=EN&id=FA164737
    [3] http://www.apcupsd.com/manual/manual.html

  * Windows USB driver is now digitally signed thanks to Jernej Simoncic 

3.14.10 -- 13 September 2011         (Maintenance Release)


  * Fix missing status and spurrious incorrect status on newer BackUPS CS
    models using USB interface.

  * USB compatibility fixes for Mac OS X Lion

  * USB driver support for newer Microlink models on Mac OS X Lion and Windows

  * Ignore transitions to battery due to calibration (possible if user
    initiates calibration, then exits apctest and starts apcupsd before 
    calibration completes.

  * Fix truncation of long UPS model names such as "Smart-UPS RT 5000 XL"

  * Fix MODEL vs. APCMODEL confusion. Remove APCMODEL and rename old MODEL
    aka 'mode' to DRIVER.

3.14.9 -- 22 July 2011               (Maintenance Release)


  * SNMP enhancements:
    - Autodetection of MIB and community if they are not specified in
    - Support for RFC1628 MIB
    - Support for MGE MIB (Contributed by	Lars Taeuber <taeuber@bbaw.de>)

  * Windows USB support for 64-bit platforms

  * USB support for latest APC models such as SMT* and SMX* series
    - No support for Microlink, but basic USB interface should be
      detected and provide status now.

  * When using the generic USB driver (Windows, OS X, newer FreeBSD)
    DEVICE string in apcupsd.conf can be set as serial number of UPS
    to monitor. This is useful in order to "lock" apcupsd to a specific
    UPS if you have more than one connected to the server.

  * Ed Dondlinger's Windows email scripts are included in the Win32
    install package now. Documentation includes information on how
    to hook them in.


  * general: Rework signal handling to eliminate crashes and hangs.

  * general: Fix issue of overwriting pid file even when we failed
    to acquire the lock file

  * snmp: Add workaround for FreeBSD libsupc++.a issue (FreeBSD PR 
    #99702) This will allow snmplite driver to compile/link on 
    FreeBSD 5.x.

  * usb: Automatically use generic_usb driver on FreeBSD 8.0 and 
    newer. FreeBSD USB API was changed in 8.0, so from now on we will 
    use libusb.

  * usb: Add support for DALARM
  * usb: Fix BATTV and MANDATE on certain newer APC models

  * win32: Honor INSTDIR specified on command line via /D

  * win32: When running uninstaller in silent mode, always remove 
    config and events files without prompting.

  * win32: When logging events, convert LOG_CRIT to a WARNING rather
	 than an ERROR since apcupsd uses it for power events which aren't
	 really daemon errors.

3.14.8 -- 16 January 2010            (Maintenance Release)


  * Mac OS X version of apctray (apcagent) for monitoring apcupsd instances.
    Same feature set as apctray on Windows (monitor multiple instances,
    get detailed status and events logs). Popup notifications delivered via 
    Growl, if available.

  * Major update to win32 version of apctray. Includes many visual and 
    usability improvements to match OS X version.

  * apctest now supports battery calibration and self-test interval control
    on USB models. Many thanks to James Belleau <james@belleau.net> for
    contributing these features.

  * New SNMP driver that does not require libsnmp.so, thus eliminating
    issues with not finding the library during shutdown when /usr has
    been unmounted. The new driver is the default for 'UPSTYPE snmp'.
    The old driver is still available as "UPSTYPE netsnmp" if needed.


   * Add missing NOMINV, NOMOUTV, and NOMPOWER to net clients
   * Fix missing WALL in apccontrol (debian bug #546019)

   * Change all time/date strings to simplified ISO format: 

   * Fix battery voltage readout on "Back-UPS 500 FW: 6.3.I USB FW: c1"

   * Remove obsolete image files from source tree

   * Fix issues with popup.exe running when it shouldn't and sometimes
     hanging and/or generating an "Interactive Services Dialog Detected"

   * Use /kill switch from the installer to shut down running instances
     of apcupsd and apctray. This will provide more reliable termination
     on Vista/Win7.
   * Update apctest to use 'Q' to exit any menu instead of a number that
     is always changing. Contributed by James Belleau <jpbelleau@gmail.com>

   * apctest: 	Fix compiler warnings. Contributed by 
     Andy O'Shaughnessy <andrewjoshaughnessy@gmail.com>

3.14.7 -- 31 July 2009               (Maintenance Release)


  * Multimon CGI programs are included with the Windows binary package


  * Windows COM ports above COM9 now work without user needing to manually
    add \\.\ UNC prefix in apcupsd.conf

  * Fix configure script not noticing when C++ compiler is missing

  * Fix for battery date (BATTDAT) displaying invalid values on USB models

  * Fix version reporting in cgi and examples

  * Misc documentation fixes for typos, etc.

3.14.6 -- 16 May 2009                (Maintenance Release)


  * Major updates to the User Manual. Rewritten battery maintenance section 
    courtesy of Trevor Roydhouse <trev@sentry.org>. Many other updates
    including the SmartUPS protocol and OS support sections. Furthermore,
    the manual is now formatted in reStructuredText
    (http://docutils.sourceforge.net/rst.html) and as a result is very 
    easy to update. (The only down side is the multi-page HTML version is 
    no longer available; the HTML version is all on a single page.)

  * New manpages for apcupsd, apcupsd.conf, apctest, apcaccess, and 
    apccontrol. Many thanks to Trevor Roydhouse <trev@sentry.org> for the
    hard work!

  * Support for QNX. Tested on QNX 6.3.2. Contributed by Mikhail
    Gruzdev <michail.gruzdev@gmail.com>

  * Add support for turning the UPS off completely. This complements 
    existing hibernate (aka killpower) functionality. Turn-off is 
    implemented for apcsmart and USB drivers, subject to support for the 
    relevant commands in the UPS itself. Contributed by Keith Campbell 


  * apcsmart: Deadlock fixes during comms failures. Contributed by Keith 
    Campbell <campbell@econnectix.com>

  * linux-usb: Fix out-of-bounds array access. Contributed by David Fries 

  * Fix build with gcc-4.4. Contributed by Michal Hlavinka <mhlavink@redhat.com>
  * apcsmart: Fix crash during process shutdown (SIGTERM). Contributed by 
    Andrey Sharandakov <ash.ashway@gmail.com>

  * Several other minor fixes and improvements. See ChangeLog for details.

3.14.5 -- 26 October 2008            (Maintenance Release)


  * docs: Document the /refresh switch for apctray.

  * apctest: Do not create pid file. There is little reason for it
    since apctest is a command-line tool, not a daemon. Plus nothing
    ever deletes the file so it interferes with apcupsd operation.

  * gapcmon: Network connect timeout fix.

  * Fix a few unsafe uses of sprintf and strcat.

  * Makefile: Fix cgi build on OpenBSD. libgd on OpenBSD requires X_LIBS 
    for libfreetype and libfontconfig.

  * gapcmon: Iconify fixes for KDE

  * Fix LOWBATT glitch handling bug that could cause us to act on a 
    LOWBATT signal immediately instead of waiting for the debounce time.

  * apctray: Improve multiple instance behavior for /add, /del, and
    /kill on modern platforms (Win2K and newer).

  * Support shutting down apcupsd instances running in other sessions
    (such as terminal services or remote desktop sessions).

  * Makefile: 'make install' fixes for first install on RedHat/SuSE.

  * docs: PCNET minimum password length is 15 chars, default username 
    is 'apc', no known way to change the username.

  * Makefile: Fix dependency build errors on Darwin and other platforms.
    ('echo -n' is not portable; use 'tr' to strip newline instead)

  * RPMs: Automatically restart apcupsd when upgrading

3.14.4 -- 18 May 2008                (Maintenance Release)


  * Build system rewrite: All Makefiles have been rewritten from scratch.
    Improvements include reliable dependencies, support for parallel make,
    elimination of Makefile.in -> Makefile conversion, consistent use of
    DESTDIR during 'make install', and pretty-printed output during builds.
      - GNU make is required. The configure script checks for this and tells
        you how to invokve it (on some platforms it is 'gmake' instead of 
      - Output during build is pretty-printed by default. To see more details,
        use 'make VERBOSE=1' for output similar to the old build system. For
        even more verbosity, use 'make VERBOSE=2'.
      - Parallel builds work well. If you have a multiprocessor (or multicore)
        system, try 'make -j<number-of-processors>' for the fastest possible

  * Built-in version of libgd for multimon cgi has been removed. The version
    previously included in apcupsd was old and likely had security issues.
    It is safer to use libgd from the target system. Therefore, your system
    must provide libgd if you choose to build cgi now. Generally this is 
    easy to achieve by installing a vendor-supplied package.

  * Removal of NLS support: The NLS code was terribly bit-rotted with many
    non-internationalized messages and almost every translated message was
    incorrect. At this point the maintenance burden of keeping NLS support
    building was deemed too high considering the small benefit it was able 
    to provide.

  * Powerflute has been disabled. It has been broken for the last several 
    releases because it relied on an untrushworthy source of UPS status
    (rawupsstats) which was itself removed. Powerflute could be converted to
    use the standard NIS status mechanism and its source code remains in
    the tree in case someone has the desire to contribute this code.


  * Add POLLTIME directive to control UPS polling interval. This directive
    specifies the number of seconds to delay between polling the UPS for
    status. Previously, NETTIME allowed this to be adjusted for network
    connections only (snmp, pcnet, nis-net). POLLTIME configures the delay
    for all connection types. NETTIME is accepted as a synonym for 
    compatibility with old config files.


  * gapcmon: Corrected the use of NOMPOWER and the calc of current usage
    amount. Thanks to James Scott Jr <skoona@verizon.net>.

  * Add a heuristic to fix up incorrect NOMINV or NOMOUTV. Some UPSes
    (RS 500) report decivolts instead of volts. Reported by Kirill S.
    Bychkov <yason@linklevel.net>.

  * Various build fixes on Solaris and OpenSolaris. Thanks to James Dean
    <jgmdean@gmail.com> for loaning me an ssh login on his OpenSolaris box.

  * Fix hal policy file syntax. For some reason this blatantly	incorrect 
    file actually works on RHEL5 (hal-0.5.8). Thanks to Andrew Telford 
    <a.telford@ieee.org> for correcting it.

  * Fix gapcmon build on OpenBSD.

  * Fix BSD USB driver build.

  * Fix default NIS port on Debian. Debian is now using the standard NIS 
    port, 3551.  Contributed by imacat <imacat@mail.imacat.idv.tw>

3.14.3 -- 20 January 2008            (Maintenance Release)


  * A HAL policy file is automatically installed on Linux systems to disable
    the hald-addon-hid-ups module which conflicts with apcupsd's control of
    USB UPSes. The file is automatically removed when apcupsd is uninstalled.


  * Add support for Nominal Power (aka Configured Active Power) reading.  
    Credit to Lars Randers <lars@nstec.dk> for most of the code.

  * Add units to NOMINV, NOMOUTV, and NOMBATTV stats.

  * Eliminate "warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to
    'char*'" warnings emitted from gcc-4.2.1 (earlier versions with
    -Wwrite-strings). Contributed by Steve Yarmie <tribhuvanji@gmail.com>.

  * Fix killpower and eeprom settings bug on USB models introduced when 
    INPUT reports were prioritized over FEATURE reports.

  * Fix bugs that could cause NIS-net driver to get stuck waiting for
    comms to be restored instead of shutting down.

3.14.2 -- 15 September 2007          (Maintenance Release)


  * Tray icon support on Vista. Vista does not allow background services
    to interact with the user's desktop, so winapcupsd's built-in tray
    icon did not work.

  * Tray icon is now a standalone application "apctray" which is capable of
    monitoring multiple Apcupsd instances via Apcupsd's NIS. Any Apcupsd
    running NIS can be monitored. By default the icon monitors a single
    apcupsd at See command line options below for adding
    additional monitors.

  * Tray icon can be installed individually (disable other packages in the
    installer) for users who want to use the icon only.

  * Apctray command line options:

          - No parameters: Start any instances listed in registry. If no
          instances in reg, start a default instance monitoring the local
          machine (

       apctray.exe /host foo /port 3551 /add
          - Add a monitor for the given host and port.

       apctray.exe /host foo /port 3551 /del
          - Remove the given monitor.

       apctray.exe /del
          - Remove all monitors.

       apctray.exe /install
          - Configure apctray to start automatically.

       apctray.exe /remove
          - Do not start automatically.

       apctray.exe /kill
          - Shut down apctray


  * The win32 portions of winapcupsd have been almost entirely rewritten. 
    The code is cleaner (mostly) and lots of unused baggage has been removed.

  * USB fix for BackUPS LCD series. This fix carries a risk of breaking other
    models, but test results are positive so far.
  * Fix linux-usb device detection bug when multiple hiddev nodes are
    present.  Fixes Fedora Bugzilla #245864:
  * Fix SNMP port selection when using SNMP driver

  * Add workaround for broken BackUPS Pro model that returns certain
    reports encoded in ASCII. Based on a patch from David Fries

  * apcsmart: Wait 20 seconds before declaring COMMLOST. This is necessary
    when using a smart serial cable on an UPS with an SNMP monitoring card
    installed. The SNMP card appears to disrupt serial comms for several 
    seconds when interesting events are in progress.

  * Documentation updates: Fix up udev info for modern Linux distros.
    Update Windows section for apctray.

  * Don't leak unnecessary descriptors to child when execing apccontrol.

  * Fix bug with multi-threaded net_open() calls. net_open() was using
    a global buffer for the destination address. Yikes! Bug manifestied
    itself in apctray with multiple monitors occasionally (and
    timing-dependently) pointing to the wrong UPS.

  * Correct multimon.conf humidity monitoring.  Problem fixed by
    Patrick Frei.  Reference:

  * Fix race between attach_ups() and detach_ups() which could result
    in the UPSINFO structure being freed prematurely. Thanks to James
    Abbott <j.abbott@imperial.ac.uk> for running many tests to help me
    find this bug.

  * Remove dependency on libc++ (again). Must use gcc as linker when
    using libsupc++ since g++ automatically links against full libc++.

3.14.1 -- 04 May 2007           (Maintenance Release)


  * MacOS X GUI installer

  * PCNET driver supports remote shutdown request from UPS web interface


  * (win32) Detect when balloon tips have been disabled via a group policy
      and fall back on the standard popup message box.

  * (win32) Fix typo: "%sbindir\%popup" -> "%sbindir%\popup" in apccontrol.bat
      Discovered by Stefan.Hegnauer@elektrobit.com.

  * (all) Fix potential NIS client lockup when server disappears. Many thanks
      to Jan Ceuleers <jan.ceuleers@computer.org> for reporting the problem
      and gathering data to track down the cause.

  * (apctest) Fix link error after configuring with --disable-apcsmart.

  * (doc) Document how to force ugen binding on NetBSD 4.x.
      Contributed by Curt Sampson <cjs@starling-software.com>.

  * (apctest) Fix crash when displaying EEPROM values more than once.
      Contributed by Ivaylo Haratcherev <I.J.Haratcherev@tudelft.nl>.

  * Increase self-test timeout to 40 seconds to accomodate the RS 800.
      Contributed by Lars Randers <lars@nstec.dk>.

  * (linux-usb) Rewrite device opening logic to be more reliable. See 
      ChangeLog for details.

  * (apcupsd) Do not attempt to cancel shutdowns.

3.14.0 -- 09 February 2007      (Feature Release)


  * USB support for 3 new platforms:

  	- Windows (Win98SE, WinME, Win2000, Win2003 Server, WinXP)
  	- Mac OS X (Darwin)
  	- Solaris 10 (x86 and SPARC)

        Please see the Apcupsd manual for details on USB configuration for the
        new platforms.

  * Native Windows port
       The winapcupsd port has been completely rewritten to use native
       Win32 libraries (based on MinGW32). It no longer relies on a Cygwin
       translation layer, thus improving compatibility and performance.

  * PowerChute Network Shutdown driver
       Apcupsd now supports the PowerChute Network Shutdown protocol (PCNET)
       offered by the AP9617 family of smart slot modules. This protocol is
       much lighter-weight than SNMP and offers better security. Please see 
       the Apcupsd manual for details on PCNET configuration.

  * GAPCMON GUI monitoring tool
       Apcupsd is now packaged with the GAPCMON GUI monitoring application
       thanks to James Scott, Jr. This is a Gnome/GTK based application which
       integrates into most desktop panels (not just Gnome). It monitors one or
       more Apcupsd instances using Apcupsd's NIS networking server. The status
       of each UPS is shown with a icon similar to the Win32 tray icon in 
       winapcupsd. Enable building of gapcmon at compile time via 
       --enable-gapcmon or install the apcupsd-gapcmon RPM.

  * Unreliable MASTER/SLAVE networking mode is removed
       Yes, this is a feature. The old MASTER/SLAVE mode for shutting down
       multiple servers from one UPS has historically been unreliable and prone
       to loss of communications or lockups. Apcupsd has long had a replacement
       networking mode using the NIS server (NIS stands for Network Information
       Server, and has nothing to do with Sun's NIS/YP protocol). The NIS net
       mode is very reliable and has none of the lockup bugs that have plagued 
       MASTER/SLAVE mode.
       In 3.14.x, MASTER/SLAVE mode has been removed and the associated 
       configuration directives are now obsolete. Please see the Apcupsd manual
       for a very simple NIS networking configuration to replace MASTER/SLAVE.

   * New configuration directives to set paths at runtime

       Several new (optional) configuration directives have been added to 
       allow overriding compiled-in paths at runtime. The directives are:

          - SCRIPTDIR (sets location of apccontrol and event scripts)
          - PWRFAILDIR (sets location where powerfail file will be written)
          - NOLOGINDIR (set location where nologin file will be written)

       These directives can be used to rearrange the Apcupsd installation
       after compiling, or to run multiple Apcupsd instances on the
       same machine without compiling separate copies.

       See the Apcupsd manual for details on these new directives.

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