Dear APBS users:

I want to calculate the POLAR and APOLAR contributions to solvation energies for two lagre proteins and a complex of both to estimate the binding energy between them (this in order to asses the effec of a puntual mutation on one of then to the binding energy). But I read on the APBS user's guide and/or in some tutorial that for this kind of calculations (solvation enegies and binding energies) the exact same grid deffinitios must be used for all the molecules, does this means that I should generate a big grid fo my protein complex and then unse the same grid for each of the proteins alone, or can I define a grid for ecah protein and the complex but mantaining the grid resolution (A/grid_point)?
Should these be a MG-auto or an MG-manual calculation ? Is the size of  the grid relevant or just the resolution in order to have cualitative results?


Raśl Araya-Secchi