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This is an issue that we've seen with the 64-bit machines - the issue is in regard to MALOC's BLAS libraries.  Some discussion can be found here:
And installation instructions (for amd64) can be found here:

Although you said you were using APBS 0.3.2, this problem will still persist in APBS 0.4.0 as we're using the same version of MALOC;  that being said, the Opteron binaries (x86_64 RPMs) were compiled with the PGI BLAS libraries and thus don't have this problem.
On 12/28/05, <glc02@mails.tsinghua.edu.cn> wrote:
Dear APBS users:

    I currently installed APBS-0.3.2 on an AMD64 machine with source code. It seems no problem during installation. However, when I tried the Born ion example, the programme broke down with segmentation fault warning. I have searched the mailing list, there is a mail about this question and without answer. Could anyone help me? thanks a lot!:)
    Some messages in stdout and io.mc are listed below

    Preparing to run 2 PBE calculations.
Setting up problem...
Vpbe_ctor:  Using max ion radius (0 A) for exclusion function
Debye length:  0 A
Current memory usage:  153.422 MB total, 153.422 MB high water
Using cubic spline charge discretization.
Grid dimensions: 97 x 97 x 97
Grid spacings: 0.330 x 0.330 x 0.330
Grid lengths: 31.680 x 31.680 x 31.680
Grid center: (0.000, 0.000, 0.000)
Multigrid levels: 4
Molecule ID: 1
Linearized traditional PBE
Multiple Debye-Huckel sphere boundary conditions
0 ion species (0.000 M ionic strength):
Solute dielectric: 1.000
Solvent dielectric: 78.540
Using "molecular" surface definition; no smoothing
Solvent probe radius: 1.400 A
Temperature:  298.150 K
Surface tension:  0.105 kJ/mol/A^2
Electrostatic energies will be calculated
Potential to be written to potential-8.00.dx
Solving PDE (see io.mc* for details)...
Segmentation fault

Setting up PBE object...
Vpbe_ctor2: Started constructing Vacc object with 32 x 32 x 32 hash table
Vacc_ctor2:  Using 32 x 32 x 32 hash table
Vacc_ctor2:  Using 1.9 max radius
Vacc_ctor2:  Using 200-point probe sphere
Vacc_ctor2:  Grid lengths = (28.116, 28.116, 28.116)
Vacc_ctor2:  Grid lower corner = (- 14.058, -14.058, -14.058)
Vacc_ctor2:  Have 13824 atom entries
Vpbe_ctor2: Done constructing Vacc object...
Setting up PDE object...
Vpmp_ctor2:  Using meth = 0, mgcoar = 2, mgsolv = 0
Setting PDE center to local center...
Vpmg_ctor2: PMG chose nx = 97, ny = 97, nz = 97, nlev = 4
Vpmg_fillco:  filling in source term.
fillcoCharge:  Calling fillcoChargeSpline2...
Vpmg_fillco:  filling in source term.
Vpmg_fillco:  marking ion and solvent accessibility.
fillcoCoef:  Calling fillcoCoefMol...
Vpmg_fillco:  filling coefficient arrays
Vpmg_fillco:  done filling coefficient arrays
Vpmg_fillco:  filling boundary arrays
Vpmg_fillco:  done filling boundary arrays
Vnm_tstop: stopping timer 27 (Setup timer).  CPU TIME = 5.600000e-01
Vnm_tstart: starting timer 28 (Solver timer)..
Vnm_tstart: starting timer 30 (MGDRIV2: fine pro)..
Vnm_tstop: stopping timer 30 (MGDRIV2: fine pro).  CPU TIME = 1.500000e-01
Vnm_tstart: starting timer 30 (MGDRIV2: coarse pro)..
Vnm_tstop: stopping timer 30 (MGDRIV2: coarse pro).  CPU TIME = 3.400000e-01
Vnm_tstart: starting timer 30 (MGDRIV2: solve)..
Vnm_tstop: stopping timer 40 (MG iteration).  CPU TIME = 1.060000e+00
PMG: iteration =  0
PMG: relative residual =  1.000000e+00
PMG: contraction number =  1.000000e+00

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