I want to use predefined dielectric maps, but i get the following error message:
Vpmg_fillco:  Off dielXMap at:
Vpmg_fillco:  (x,y,z) = (-16.5384,-48.533 -29.567)
VASSERT: ASSERTION FAILURE!  filename vpmg-setup.c, line 1207, (0)

I am using "mg-para cglen fglen ......" in the calculation when i write and then read the maps. But i found that it only can write the dielectric maps include fine grids,am I right? So,I try to set the fine grids the same as the coarse grids for getting the maps include coarse grids.  But the same errors appeared when i read the two maps and using "usemap 1 usemap 2".

I wonder how to get the dielectric maps which include coarse grids or maps include both the coarse and fine grids? Is it one map include both two grids or two maps? If it is two maps ,how to use them?

Thanks in advance!
Xiaoqing Wang