According to the references below, you can use S*47 cal/mol/A^2 as  an estimate


Biochemistry. 1991 Oct 8;30(40):9686-97
Science. 1991 Apr 5;252(5002):106-9.

Assa Sittner wrote:
Hi there,
as far as i know it (and correct me if i'm wrong)
when calculating solvation energy i need to take into account two main
1. electrostatic energy (from PB).
2. surface area term.
how exactly do i calculate factor no. 2 using the APBS package?
i can calculate surface area and weighted surface area using acc, but i
don't know exactly what is this weighted surface area, and how it's
calculated (refs are welcome).

Assa Sittner
Ribosomal crystallography group
Dept. of structural biology.
Weizmann inst. of science

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