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It appears that your calculation, as configured, will require ~1.4 GB free memory on your machine.  Do you have sufficient free memory?  This error message usually indicates that you don’t.




Nathan Baker
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
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From: Ashalatha Sreshty [mailto:sreshtyphd@gmail.com]
Sent: Friday, September 23, 2011 10:16 AM
To: apbs-users@lists.sourceforge.net; Baker, Nathan; Baker, Nathan
Subject: Help regarding electrostatic energy of protein-protein complex


Dear Nathan Baker,

I am a new user of APBS. I want to calculate the electrostatic potential of a protein complex, but when APBS is executed it is getting terminated abruptly with the message sent as a snapshot in the attachments. I am sending the protein complex pqr and input files also as attachments.

Please help me solve this problem, as it is very crucial for my work to calculate electrostatic energy. 

Thank you,


Dr. Asha Latha Sreshty,
Bioinformatics Group,
Biology Division,
Indian Institute of Chemical Technology,